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Rainbow Six: Siege 0

Rainbow Six: Siege (Playstation 4)XBox One; Playstation 4; PCScore: 3.5/5RECOMMENDATION: None (If you're on the fence, you should give it a try)PROS- Slower and more tactical game play- Heavily teamwork centered- Wide range of skills among "operators"- Multiple approaches to a single objective- Team sizes per matchCONS- Retitive nature- No single player- In game transactionsREVIEWFirst things first, and I'm getting this out of the way because it's nothing more than my opinion and shouldn't wei...

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Hydrophobia Review 2

Hydrophobia (X.B.L.A.)   Developer: Dark Energy Digital, Ltd. Publisher: Xbox LIVE Arcade Systems: XBOX 360 Genre: Action Adventure Rating: Mature Score: 6/10 Recommendation: Wait for a price drop. Pros: + Very natural controls + Interesting story + Wonderful water effects + Enjoyable puzzles + MAVI + 2D and 3D maps + Versatility within LP4 weapon + Wonderful atmosphere + Challenge room Cons: - For the explanation of the ship’s size and grandeur (Queen of The World), the game feels a lit...

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Blacklight: Tango Down 0

Blacklight: Tango Down (XBOX 360 Version) (**MULTIPLAYER ONLY GAME**)   Developer: Ignition Entertainment Publisher: Zombie Entertainment Systems: PC, PS3, XBOX 360 Genre: Shooter (FPS) Rating: Teen Score: 7/10 Recommendation:  Buy (If you are “between games”) Pros: + For a game without the backing of a major publisher or developer such as Ubisoft, EA, or any of a large number of others, it is really a great game + Automated turrets prevent deep spawn camping + Digital grenades (Think s...

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 5

Sniper: Ghost Warrior (PC Version)           Developer: City Interactive Publisher: City Interactive Systems: XBOX 360, PC Genre: FPS Rating: Mature Score: 5/10 Recommendation: Rental Pros: + Weapon sounds are great + Patience and timing are required during sniping, adding enjoyable realism + Beautiful environments Cons: - Constantly get stuck on objects, (rocks, stairs, small slopes, etc.)   resulting in having to stand or jump, alerting the enemy - Friendly A.I. movements and shooting techniq...

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Splinter Cell: Conviction, One For Everyone's Collection 0

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal Publisher: Ubisoft System: XBOX 360 Genre: Action Rating: Mature   Pros:+Sonar is incredibly useful, but not able to be abused. +Controls are tight and well built (especially with weapons) +Mark and execute constructed very well, and does not make game too easy +Great story (Sam is more human) +Stealth notification is both useful and beautiful +Great feeling from well executed plans (clearing a room, dispatching multiple targets, etc.) +Projection of objectives works...

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