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AVG used to be the top choice of 2005-2008 but in the meantime it has grown to be slow, large, and clunky (the opinion of the majority as well as mine). 

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Avira and Avast! are the best choices. However, I suggest Avast! because it doesn't have Avira's annoying popups and is the prettiest AV in terms of interface. 

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I need friends!

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Micro-DLC's are NOT the future.

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Thanks guys. I think I'll go with Team VJ.

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Should I follow Team BR or Team VJ? I have noticed more people claiming Team VJ is funnier.

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@CommodoreGroovy said:
" @Hailinel:  TouchéBalance is key in situating a formula, from what I read of the post-mortem they did lots of tweaking on Persona 4. No matter how frustrating the process was, it really made Persona 4, an outstanding quality product. I just believe one of the things they should have tweaked was a better explanation of the mechanics of the velvet room.    Speaking of which, I really crave some Persona now. *pops disc into tv* "
Great job. Now you have to go back in the Shadow World to get it.
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The guy playing in the video is terrible, plus he's playing on the 360. Does Valve want  their game to look bad?

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There's two things that absolutely need to be fixed or else I'm sworn to not get this game.  
1. Reduce the radius and/or damage of frag grenades. This should be self-explanatory for anyone familiar with MW1 MP. 

2. Ability to choose between in-lobby and in-progress games. Joining a game of Sabotage just when there are 5 seconds left until your team loses is NOT representative of one's skill, and still the loss is still counted on your record. 
Hopefully they've already done these things.

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"...and we don't have anything to hide." 
*music stops*