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Sony: Price drop and new PS3 Slim with more HDD space and less power consumption
Microsoft: New statistics by Game Informer claiming 54% failure rate of Xbox 360
Nintendo: Nothing but re-releases of old games (as always)
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The Answer will still suck.

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Any hopes of high production value will disappear.

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@Snail said:
@Snapstacle said:
" @Snail said:
" That's not the point. Sega used to make great games too, now look at them. I'm saying you should get excited with release trailers, the final product might come as a disappointment. "
Sega still makes great games (I bought Phantasy Star Portable just the other day and can't put it down), but now they also publish shitty games from bad devs. "
Look, if you don't get your hopes up then:
  • If the game is good, good for you
  • If it isn't you won't get your heart broken
Don't feed the troll.
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As long as we keep sending Hollywood movies to Kim Jong Il, he won't attack.

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Drip, drip, drip advertisement. Fix that faucet.

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I actually would have bought a Zune if I didn't win my iPod Classic 80GB for free. Sadly, I can't even fill up 10GB of it.

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On the next installment of TANG...

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Unfortunately no, it won't change that. The Wii will still have no games.

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TripMasterMunky said:
I hate how Drake is this one-man-army guy. He just takes out loads of soldiers all the time. I wish ... [more]
Hey! Someone else who agrees that we don't need any more Rambo figures! Awesome.

On that note, I hate how Drake magically materializes grenades into his hands and throws them as fast as he can create a thought.