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Sheesh, so many stupid people here comparing this to Mirror's Edge and Assassin's Creed, which both came out like 4-5 years after BG&E 1. Ignorant bastards. The first game was all about the story, so stop jumping to conclusions if you've never played the first game.

Though I do have to admit that the supposed new gameplay is much changed from the first game.

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Bethesda has the worst consistency issues of any video gaming company I've ever seen.

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That transformer had quite the electric razor in his mouth.

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I bet Marvel vs. Capcom 2 release wasn't done coincidentally.

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Sounds like that would only cover the shipping.
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I've gotten half the stages on gold so far. It's not hard once you figure out what to do and keep your goddamn group in one piece. My best times so far are 16:57 on The Runway and 14 minutes something on The Terminal.

Also, Brad, you're wrong about ammo being strewn everywhere. There is only 1-2 ammo piles (mostly just 1) in each stage, and they are placed in extremely inconvenient locations so that you and your entire group have to make ammo runs once in a while, which can easily become a mess and make you lose.

And 600 minutes is impossible. You know that's 10 hours, right? That's clearly an exploit, or using noclip and then turning off cheat mode. Even if someone did last that long, I'd like to see them leave their room without entering a seizure.

If anyone wants a good player, I'll be on Steam. Same SN.

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Oh noes, it deals with current events. CONTROVERSY WAH!

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Well said, well said.

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The only thing Fallout 3 had was the atmosphere. AI was shit. Gameplay was shit. Story and dialogue were shit. And that guy who always showcases the game is a robot who refuses to give a straight answer to anyone who thinks so. So in the end it profited only from what made Fallout 1 and 2 great.

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This is why you shouldn't move large files. They get corrupted all the time, especially stuff like .rar and .zip files. Copy them instead.