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NO thyped, would rather play Roller Coaster Tycoon. Extreme rollercoasters, woohoo!

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Well after reading the blog posts from the Docs, they are clearly moving away from gaming, and perusing alternate careers. One going to social/impact entrepreneurship, and the other doing a beer radio show. And supposedly they made the decision to leave many months ago.

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I live within biking distance of Scottsdale Fashion Square. I still wouldn't pay for this crummy deal.

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I just watch live streams at work, like a boss.

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I'll take it for a ride on max. i7-2600k Quad 3.4ghz, 16gb ram, 2x 580 Superclocked. I think I'll do fine.

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@Young_Scott: That was apparently written after the pint of beer was consumed, or perhaps many pints of beer. =p

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PAX Guys + GiantBomb + Concert Hall = The Big Live Live Awards Show Live!

Who's with me on this!?

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@phrosnite: Indeed, that is a big ole fail on their part, knowing the success of the previous games.

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Guys, he's not pointing out the total number oF BFBC2 copies, sold, merely making a comparison to project for BF3 sales. He stated that a few months after release it totaled 5 million. So based on that we could project that BF3 will sell 10 million in a few months time. If it were to parallel BFBC2.