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Guys, he's not pointing out the total number oF BFBC2 copies, sold, merely making a comparison to project for BF3 sales. He stated that a few months after release it totaled 5 million. So based on that we could project that BF3 will sell 10 million in a few months time. If it were to parallel BFBC2.

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@avidwriter: I could drive around tracks all day long. ;)

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So, lemme get this straight: Because AT&T managed to get the Supreme Court to rule in favor of allowing the stripping of the Class-Action rights of their EMPLOYEES (which, for those who somehow don't know, are paid by AT&T), Sony believes they have the right to do the same thing to their CONSUMERS (who aren't paid by Sony).

Someone needs to get the Supreme Court to review THIS one, and fast. And to Sony: Either pay each member of PSN in the US $174 per day (US Federal Minimum Wage of $7.25 times 24 hours a day) that they are a member, without question, or take that clause out of the TOS.

Actually it wouldn't be under Federal Minimum Wage, as that pertains to people working in positions of the federal government. What you would want to look at is State Minimum Wages, as they can be higher than federal and sometimes lower.

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What happens next isn't clear.

According to the sony email I received on the change this is what happens next:

You may click here(link removed) to review the changes to the TOS and you may click here(link removed) to review the changes to the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the new TOS or Privacy Policy, or if you do not wish to enter into an agreement with SNEI, you may decline the TOS and Privacy Policy and we will close your account and return your funds.

As far as I can see by the hand of the law, sending that letter effectively means you decline the TOS (even if it's that one section) and PP, and they will close your account. Hence why they need your username and psn info, most likely (other than being able to know who waived that part). Although, they could be genuinely interested in your rights to have class action lawsuits, but I will leave it to your own interpretation. Your thoughts?

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Interesting to see how (rightfully) alarmed you Americans are by this after years of laughing at Germany and Australia. It's not quite as funny when it is about you, is it?
Well it's slightly different, if I recall Germany and Australia will straight up ban games from retail for anyone of all ages. This is merely trying to limit the sale of games to minors, and it would have only applied to California (which these days is the guinea pig of crazy ideas).
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I'd like to see them dig deeper into the Forerunners. Perhaps they still exist out there after all. =O

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@Slayeric said:
" Porche Unleashed, Most Wanted. Hmm. Lets throw in some recognizable names for the fans, guys. "
At least they chose the names for the better games in the series. ;)
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" Is this a cry for help?  I'm at a loss as to whether this post is about a crisis in sexual identity or having difficulty with "woman"?   Either way, I think my brain has become liquefied and is leaking out of my ear after reading it. "

Lucky for me when I read this, I had metal blasting in my earbuds, so it kept everything inside.
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@X19: I see what you did there. ;)
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Local stores, ha! Amazon for me.