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BUTTWITS! What an extraordinary word.

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Right when I get back to my computr0n!

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Not to run on the "Only on Wii" parade here, but from what I have read, no where does it say its only on the Wii. They have merely stated that it is in development for the Wii and has a 2010 release date. While one could simply conclude that it is a Wii only release, one could still assume it might come to 360/PS3, and has simply not been announced yet. Perhaps its just a quick news shot, to see how people react, and maybe they will then announce the 360/PS3 version based on said reaction.
Just being a little optimistic here.

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The "flaming" thing is just part of gaming these days, ironically coming in to fruition with the rise of Halo (and other console behemoths). I notice most people who were around long before the inevitable rise of consoles have a different attitude with gamers. Sure we (and I); all of us have at one point most likely thrown out a very slanted judgment at someone, calling them noobs, or idiots, or just general bitching, but that happens (sometimes you get caught up in the moment).
However it is in my "opinion" that a general amount of the people who flame, and or troll on a regular basis do so as a means of pleasure. If they can get someone to be incredibly steamed about something menial in life, then they are greatly satisfied (which is what hackers for the most part thrive on). If people were a little more easy going, and didn't take things so seriously, it would probably end up going back to the way it use to be. To be frankly honest though, more and more young gamers have a much more ample amount of insults and general hate to thrown around. This is something I have seen for many years. For some reason these "young guns" think they are hot shit, the best around, and don't seem to have any care in the world for the insults they are throwing around. If they don't agree, or hate your opinion, they aren't going to hold back. Which inevitably leads to the guy who is barely older than the so called "12 year old noobs" throwing insults back at them. Its cyclical, stop the cycle and this kind of thing would hopefully die out.
As a note:  
@cstrang said:

"One can't simply say "It sucks" without some statement of WHY.  That constitutes flaming. "

The irony here is that would be your opinion. While I completely agree that an unfounded "It sucks" does not form the entire basis of what an opinion is to most, it still remains to be an opinion, while completely subjective. What we need to focus on is creating "Objective" opinions, things that are balanced, with statements, facts to be presented, two sides of the story. 
Well that's just my opinion anyhow. =p
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You can either buy a wireless adapter for it (USB will be easier as mentioned), or buy a really long Ethernet cable, and plug one end to a port on the wireless router, and the other end going up stairs to your other computer. Assuming asthetics aren't a big issue; as running a long cable can get in the way if you don't pin it down with some clips or something.
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1. Counter-Strike


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Looks like it would be pretty difficult to play on the iPhone. Looks like a quality port though.

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Looks neat, but 1200 points. =(

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Brucie, right on. Be genetically different!