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Seeing Greg and Richard Garriot together is pretty awesome.

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I jumped back on to set promote some dudes and allow them to spend influence. I'll be back to playing regularly next week after Webhook's settled down a bit.

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Hey all. Just a note that I'm launching Webhook over the next week and won't have much time for Wildstar. I'll make sure to jump on the server later today and assign someone some other people with guild powers. Don't want to hold you guys up.

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The whole process should take no more than 10 minutes after you've bought the domain and as long as you follow the instructions on this page it should be easy.

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Name cheap is usually considered the best of the bunch these days. Once you've purchased the domain you'll just need to point the DNS over. Google will give you some A records to point to. You'll do this at namecheap.

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@dourin: They send you 3 (today) if you preordered

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7-day pass here if you'd like to try the game out. We're up to 26 guild members now.


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OK. "Kite Co" is now a guild. Huzzah

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OK. We're about 2 gold short at this point. I'm logging for a bit but will be back this afternoon. Logged outside the guild creator area, so assuming i get some a couple more duders to mail me a gold, we should be set up today.