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Alright duders. I'm level 12. I think I need 10 gold to get the guild setup though, so if you'd like to contribute to the cause send me a mail with a gold piece or something. Otherwise I'll continue to grind out some cash.

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Hey guys. Nearing Level 12 and should have time to get the guild set up tonight.

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Hey guys. I'll be playing an Exile Esper (Enemykite) on the Warbringer PVP server if anyone wants to join. Don't have as much time as I used to with the kiddo, but figured we might be able to start up a GB guild for Exiles if anyone else is interested.

Guild name: Kite Co

How to get in: All members have invite access. Just send a message to me or anyone else in game.

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@villainy said:

@corruptedevil said:

i would love to go all in on this, but the no self hosting is kind of a deal breaker

Webhook is all based on Firebase as the backend storage though which is itself a hosted service right? So even if your Webhook is "self-hosted" you're still going to be dependent on Firebase. This isn't really for me but it's super-slick and I wish our former Top Menu nothing but the best... Now where are the stretch goals for @andy and @coonce?

That is correct. We posted an update over on the Kickstarter page if you'd like to see a response to the self-host stuff.

Thanks again to everyone who has backed us. Really means a lot.

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wasn't this sort of thing in the works for giantbomb a while back? i could have sworn during one of the old radio shows, the ability to let users create like custom sites very simply was touted as a feature.

regardless, that platform he's building looks amazing, and i hope they succeed. could be a real breakthrough for web design.

We did want to build game-focused mini-sites that users ran. We planned on setting them up ourselves, so it wasn't a platform per se. Getting the company sold then having to rebuild the sites from scratch kind of slowed that initiative down.

I have always wanted to build something like Webhook though and talked to just about any engineer that would listen over the past decade. It's mostly come about from my own ineptness when it comes to backend code. I just wanted to focus on the front-end part of the site.

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Thanks for the support duders!

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@fruitcocoa: Congrats on your new gig. By far my favorite part of the job was screening calls during happy hour :)

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My god, it's full of pixels.