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We're aware of it. It'll get a fix first thing in the morning.

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Highly recommend The Shield to anyone who hasn't seen it before.

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We're working on getting the text editor into the iPad, but there's a reason we're one of the only sites out there with such an advanced editor... they're hard to build, harder still when you're trying to get it to work on every device. We'll get there eventually.

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@demoskinos: You are on your profile. The wiki won't let you delete images on the new site.

It's a UI bug. We'll get this fixed in the next week.

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This will be fixed in the next week.

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Still nothing, I feel this warrants concern. Could we get some info? Or should I just tweet Dave/Alexis about it?

It's a known issue. The engineers are mostly trying to get everything stable. In the next week we'll start tackling all of these easier to fix bugs.

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@hailinel said:

A moderator recently corrected the spelling of the Deirdre page, but when I try to find it using the search function, it doesn't come up. It doesn't seem that the new name is registering in the search.

Noted and bugged. Thanks.

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I have been having this same problem, and am also using Chrome, so I did a little research. I noticed that it wasn't just the video that was stuttering every second or so, but page scrolling as well, so it's not the video player. I opened up chrome dev tools and did some profiling and noticed that my "After the Deadline" extension was the only thing actually doing anything and it was firing a timer ever second. So, after disabling the After the Deadline extension for GiantBomb, it seems this issue has been resolved for me.

Hope that helps.

Unrelated, but I love when these things turn out to be someone elses fault :/

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@otacon: It's just CBS saying hello. You may be old to Giant Bomb, but you're new to CBSi's login system. It's safe to click on.

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@alexisg: tl;dr

Building websites is hard.