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@metalsnakezero: Have yet to have it crash. CoP is very stable.
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@Tuffgong: We've done a quick look of pripyat that should go up soon. My quick reaction? Much more polished than the previous two games and if you're a fan of the Eastern Bloc genre of games this is easily a winner. STALKER games might not be recommendable for pure FPS audiences but if you're the kind of dude/dudette that felt you were somewhat cheated by the lack of complexity of Fallout 3, then this is your game. It's an intelligent, complex and flawed game.
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@MattyFTM said:
" One is 360, one is PC. Both come up as Xbox live because they're both Live, one on Xbox, and one on Games For Windows. "
This is correct.
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@risseless: Noted. I'll pass this along to Mike.
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Sounds like you guys are seeing a javascript error on your page. Can you look to see if there's an error if you're using FF? It would show as a red little x in the bottom-right of your screen. Same thing for IE8, just saying "x number of errors on this page"

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More than likely you've got some old code stored on there somewhere. I'd clear your cache and do a hard-refresh on your browser (Ctrl-R or shift-F5)

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@108: I keep seeing this bug but can't replicate it. Are you using adblock by chance? It sometimes messes with javascript calls.
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We're working on these. Thanks for the spots everyone.