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We'll get the speed quicked up here in a bit. Working on the Firefox image uploads bug atm.

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We'll get the speed quicked up here in a bit.

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Turbo Toaster did the character art. Mostly her awesomeness.

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Can someone explain the read/unread messages bug? I'm seeing new PMs as white and bolded and read PMs as gray and normal-weight. 
Can someone please take a screenshot.

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@MrJared said:
" @snide: Hey Dave. When sharing a list on GiantBomb with Facebook Connect, there are a few errors. 
Safari OS X Version 4.0.4 (5531.21.10)     

Here's the list I attempted to share with Facebook:  The Facebook link is pointed to:  http://www.giantbomb.comreview.get_absolute_url/  Also, the image is one not associated with my list. I didn't place Rock Band 2 on my list and it doesn't appear as an image for any of the "similar lists."  I think we're actually friends there, so you should be able to see it live. Hope this helps! "
This should be fixed for any new messages you send out for lists. Good spot.
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The autocomplete bug should be fixed so you can find games better. We're working through this list as quick as possible. The graph bug likely won't get fixed soon since it's a cosmetic problem.

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Hey guys, we just pushed out a major change in our frontend code. There are very likely going to be some bugs that we didn't notice. Please report them here and let us know what browser version you are using. Thanks. 
Right now we're working on some of the Facebook Connect stuff. It looks like it is not correctly reporting that you are logged into Facebook when you are. We should have that fixed in a bit.

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blah blah

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move your cursor to the right of the screen.

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