Awesome games that need a sequel!

Just my list of games that I wish had a sequel

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

I think old Planescape's lack of commercial success sort of dictated its never getting a sequel.  Too bad.  One of the most interesting, atmospheric games I've ever played.  Now I want to play it.
I would love to MAKE an infinity engine game, but I'd probably want to do something weird with it rather than doing the expected thing.  Had a fantasy about making a Buck Rogers conversion for it at one point.  Favorite part in the first BG was roaming the countryside.  Want to do something like that, but I wonder if there isn't a better engine for it...

Posted by sealog444

After reading most of Snide's lists, I've pretty much determined that anything snide likes, I am going to like as well, you have great taste in games sir.
Posted by Pixelzombie
@ahoodedfigure said:

" I think old Planescape's lack of commercial success sort of dictated its never getting a sequel. "

I'd like to believe that the developers of PS: Torment felt that the story was complete and didn't demand a direct sequel as well. Another game with the same setting, engine and brilliant writing would be great, but it would have to tell a completely new story.
Posted by ahoodedfigure
@Pixelzombie: well put
Posted by Crimzon

Great list. Good to see the classic Outlaws get a mention. Man that game was/is awesome.

Posted by PhoenyX101

There is a Mafia sequel in the works and it looks amazing.

Posted by MarkWahlberg


Posted by Tactical_Kill

I would love to see a sequel to Titan Quest.

Posted by EmillKim

Mutant League football. 
One of the seminal moments of my gaming life was using a brood-looking alien and exploding through a robot looking defender for a touchdown. 
Too true it's needs a sequel. 
Merry Xmas Dsnide.

Posted by Stefan

great list, I'll make one myself

Posted by Getz

You're such a PC gamer Dave. Freespace definitely needs another game

Posted by HaPpY_jUiCe

My vote goes for Alpha Centauri... still one of my favorite games that I return to often. I'd like to finally get into Arcanum one day, I spent so much time making a character but could never get a hang of the combat. And as for World of Starcraft, that would be a wet dream. Heck, I would flunk out of college playing it.

Posted by Belonpopo

Freedom Fighters...that is all.

Posted by Kalbrik

I haven't played most of these, but thumbs up for Alpha Centauri, Freespace 2, and Deus Ex.

Posted by icytower38

Not played a single one.
The game I've always wanted to see a sequel to is Rock 'n Roll Racing.

Posted by SavageM2

Mafia II coming soon! Woot woot!

Posted by RabidPeanutButter

I agree we need more Freespace.  

Posted by outlawtotheend

We really need a new Bully.

Posted by _Nuno_

Still think Mafia should have had a sequel Dave?

Posted by maimran91

What about Psi-Ops: Mindgate Conspiracy?
Midway never made a sequel yet

Posted by reflekshun

What a great list! I agree with you on most, I would definitely add Freelancer!!! Would kill for a sequel to that!

Posted by medacris

I always wondered why there wasn't a Worlds of Starcraft.

Posted by MonkeyKing1969

I think Colony Wars (PSX) needs a new modern sequel.

Posted by FalseDeity

I saw Freespace 2 and thought... yes.

Posted by Dizazter

I would humbly suggest that you also add Freelancer to your list. A great open world multiplayer sandbox game with customizable ships and an economy and all sorts of coolness. Looked gorgeous for the time, and has limitless potential that Microsoft just shelved. I know a lot of people that would be extremely interested in a sequel.

Posted by iGaboru

Nice list but very outdated as many of the games have sequels already :D 
Btw, the closest thing to a sequel to Titan Quest would be Grim Dawn by CRATE, the same guys who were laid off after Iron Lore disbanded. 
I'm sure you're aware of Mafia IIDeus Ex: Human Revolution, and even Dragon Age: Origins (spiritual sequel to Baldur's Gate).

Posted by EightBitShik

This list confuses me

Posted by Bonecrusher

Awesome list. Add somewhere Dungeon Keeper, and it will be more awesome.

Posted by pwn4g3IEE7

Mafia has mafia II

Posted by trlbaron

I'm not sure when you made this list, Dave, but we're in production on a sequel-of-sorts to Titan Quest. Iron Lore disbanded (read: "was destroyed by THQ"), but a bunch of us are building Grim Dawn now as Crate Entertainment.

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Deus Ex has one sequel and one prequel, Mafia have sequel. Better change that.

Posted by wrathofconn

Dave, the other outdated stuff here has been pointed out, though it would be fun to hear your opinions on those sequels. Also, it seems like Project Eternity is going to be the closest thing we'll ever get to a sequel for all that Infinity Engine stuff!