How to make a proper comic book game

Playing through Arkham Asylum really made me think about how rare it is to play a great comic book inspired game. Here's a list of some of my favorites.

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It certainly is possible to make a good game based on comics (or a game sorta inspired by comics), but it's unfortunate how often they get it wrong.

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capcom v marvel? c'mon!

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Destroyed your PS3?

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Comics FTW!
I would add The Punisher. Interrogating people's faces into the pavement, dual wielding grenade launchers, and a button that makes the punisher reach out and kill the person near him.

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All Hail

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woot,darkness rules.have a stack or two of them comics

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I need another freedom force game. The world needs it

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I just got my taste of Freedom Force the other day due to that wallet smashing Steam sale, and I am thoroughly impressed. The mix of RPG and light strategic elements is a lot of fun and not terribly clustered. 
I can't wait to dig into it some more.

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what about the console version of Spiderman 2? Though the quests were boring, I spent a lot of time just going around the city - loved the mechanics.

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@Phobos: Totally agree. I thought "The Punisher" was a terribly underrated game and would be my favorite if it were on this list.
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@RobJ: Someone else who sees the light.
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I get the feeling Just Cause 2 is actually Spider Man crossed with a non-angsty Punisher...

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The Punisher's Arcade game is the best comic-inspired game IMHO.

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they need a hd version on the ps2 punisher.