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Well it looks like the piracy numbers for AC: U PC just went way up.

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...I'll probably still pick up the Sunset bundle tomorrow.

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Hey duders!

I've got some OnePlus One invites that will only last one more day. PM me if you want an invite, it's a great phone.

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I was wondering what people are most excited about playing at this point in E3, searched for a forum with consolidated opinions, didn't find one, so I'm making one.

At this point I'm most excited about playing Far Cry 4 (damn did it demo well, and I don't even like FPSes), Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris and Assassin's Creed Unity. My game of show, for now, is between FC 4 and LC&tToO. I'm not completely sure since FC 4 will be my first Far Cry and FPS in a while, and I really really liked LC and the Guardian of Light.

ACU would be with them, but at this point an Assassin's Creed game is and Assassin's Creed game right? I know I'm stuck in the annual refresh so the changes they're making are exciting for me, but I sort of know what's going on.

All other games fall under the "no real gameplay"(Zelda and Uncharted, I'm looking at you)/"not my genre"/"not super interested" camp.

How about you guys, how's E3 shaping up for you? What're you excited to play?

P. S. Where the hell is the current gen Assassin's Creed, that was announced as coming, right? I'm not hallucinating am I?

P. P. S. What the hell is with Square stealth announcing their good stuff? Type-0 HD and LC&tToO kind of got regulated to press releases.

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Link to trailer on IGN

This is actually one of the announcements that got me legit excited. I loved playing Temple of Light with my friend (griefing him never got old). Wonder why this was such a stealth announcement. I really hope they put the trailer up on the site.

Anybody think it could still be a 2014 game?

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I can see it now, the facebook deal being announced, and ZeniMax heads start asking "how can we get some money off of this?" You could probably guarantee that they wouldn't be doing this if Oculus hadn't been bought.

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I think my main issue with the deal has a good deal of the inherent distrust and weird feelings Notch and @patrickklepek both pointed out combined with the fact that there's no real reason why facebook would look at this as a gaming device. That's what the Oculus has always been pitched as, something to fundamentally change the way we game--to do the stuff I care about.

With the facebook acquisition it feels like that it's going to be losing that focus. Facebook wants it for its potential to change the way we communicate in a very real way. No more awkward international phone calls (business or otherwise), VR has the ability to put those people in the same "room" as each other without the necessary travel.

I don't care about that, I want to use it to game. Though I guess if I were being honest with myself, there's no good reason why VR to just exist and be successful as an enhanced way for people to play games. I just wanted it to be that way.

Maybe put the focus on games because that's where they knew they could get the most kickstarter money from... if that's true then I'd really feel like they pulled one over on us.

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SOOOOOoooooo.......... I got the iOS version.

Now before you skin me alive for almost completely disregarding the results of my own poll, let me see if I can somewhat validate my reasoning.

  1. The iOS version has all of the GBA content (translation/extras), but has the OG music.
  2. I don't mind the (obviously) lazy sprite redraws. Part of me actually prefers them because I've never been good at getting over the fact that I started with 3D jRPGs and that pixel art has never been that great to me.
  3. It actually has some really nice extra features:
    1. A fast forward button in battle that when toggled has you party repeat the last set of input commands. (So Locke can steal while every one else attacks or whatever)
    2. Quicksave
    3. Character portraits during dialogue
  4. The touch controls aren't horrible.
  5. I had money on a $25 gift card to burn.
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Yay Friends!