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I use this DVI/Optical -> HDMI converter. Works amazingly well. The HDMI splitters that work well always seem to be out of stock and I could never confirm how well they work. But this works great for PS3 and PS4 Amazon Link

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I decided to leap off the cliff...I wanted the first death to be on my own terms :P

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If your coming to a game like this for the graphics alone you are a little strange. Dark Souls is about the gameplay.

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Never too late, I bought it little over a month ago for $6 on Steam (using DSFix, back off crazy PC people) and have loved every bit of it. Helps if you have a friends that can point you in the right direction without outright telling you how to play or telling you spoilers.

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I like it because that was my family growing up. Exactly my's weird.

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I was thinking about getting an Xbox One in March anyway. Obviously getting the PS4 first. But do like owning both so I don't miss stuff.

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Isn't it pretty obvious it's about Sony holding a "review event" instead of shipping units to be properly reviewed? All I'm reading seems to fit that...

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Hey that's my unboxing video! I HOLD THE CONTROLLER WRONG EVERONE GET ANGRY! The internet is great :)

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I went to my local EBGames up here and sure enough they had a whole wall of them! Got mine, it works great on the PS3 (except the home button doesn't work) and is super comfortable. I love it!

I made some videos showing off my initial impressions...

Would you pick up a controller so early?