Best of 2010

SnoopYTimes: Best of 2010

During my Christmas break, I was able to get my hands on a few games I missed listed below, and I am still playing them.  But I am satisfied with the best of 2010 list... for now. 

Honorable Mentions:

Enslaved: Journey to the West

Enslaved makes up for its technical short comings with its great voice actors and pretty decent gameplay mechanics. The story was great, but I could not tell if the game was taking itself seriously by just slapping a stupid twist at the end and just calling it a day. Definitely the most unsatisfying ending this year.




Super Street Fighter IV


NBA 2k11


Super Meat Boy


God of War III 


Games I Wish I Had Time to Play:




Pac-Man Championship Edition DX


Starcraft 2


Call of Duty Black Ops


Fallout: New Vegas


Splinter Cell Conviction    


NFS: Hot Pursuit     

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