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I am stunned. Ryan was awesome.

RIP Ryan Davis.

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Game is super fun. Gonna restart after Patch 2. I've got the invisible infestations bug. Go to survey point see 3 infestations, go to those buildings and they are empty. So Hordes and Specials are popping up all the time, leaving me no time to do actual stuff. Also when I ask Lilly for ammo locations she says they are on map but they are not. Regardless of jank, game is great and looking forward to a post patch 2 play through.

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I am a little confused. From the GB Xbox One DRM Video, Patrick and the guys said that the Publishers(EA, Ubi, Activision...) were pushing for the DRM and Used game stuff. Now Sony is flipping the bird to the Publishers. Patrick and Ryan were in agreement that a console was dead on arrival without games from those guys. The Publishers must be pissed at Sony and MS is pissed at the Publishers. I wonder where this goes now.

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The Far Cry not so quick look sold me. I went out and Preordered it that day.

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How about the quest,"This is only a test"

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My infiltrator runs with Liara and Garrus for shielded bad guys. Overload then singularity /warp combo. or on everything else James for that squad flame ammo and Liara works best for me.

I saved up and am running the Black widow with no other guns for the fastest cooldown. Also I just picked up the Energy drain bonus power max to use on the invisible geth hunters then shoot them.

I do need to experiment with Liara stasis. Played the demo with an Asari girl on my squad who did the warp bubble and then I picked em off with the Widow headshot.

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Super fun game, just give us some good DLC. While it was fun to throw the mascots into the water to be eaten by the shark, the rest of it was meh. The yarn stuff was less fun than the tank mayhem. The camera controls for the Sky Panda stuff made it a chore to kill all those roof top guys.

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Lets see,

Pre-Order Bonus- Check

Collector Edition Bonus- Check

Play EA Demo to Get Bonus- To do this week.

Get ready for some random Dr. Pepper Bonus- Waiting....

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If they are normal Berserkers then have someone grab a scorcher or hammer of dawn. when on fire have everyone shoot.
If they are lambent Berserkers then it is just ridiculous. Shoot the open ribcage.
Of note: If possible clear all the other baddies out first and then try work on the girls. You will have to keep moving.

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