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@lacke: so cards specs wise it should be ok?

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@Cslaw: ill trade a copy of RO for HL2

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in return for another game of course :-)

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yes, just add me and i will send the game as a gift

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Hi i actually a a few spare copies of games and i was wondering if some one on steam would be willing to trade for other games!

I have spare copies of:


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Half life 2 with HL2: Lost Coast.

if you're interested make me an offer!

my steam id is moebeeable

Thanks for looking :)

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thanks a lot this actually helped me out quite a bit :). . . hopefully it wont take too long for me to get pvping... at the moment im oretty much 5 or six hits n dead! lol

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Hi Guys, im just wondering if theres any1 willing to help me get better at pvp plus start raiding in wow ... ive never done a current raid.. whatever i do i cant seem to get my dps above 10K i must be doing something wrong!

i have an orc beast mastery hunter with a wolf pet, if theres any1 on the EU twisting nether realm can they plaese help me out ?

my charecters called Snowfelhake

thanks :)

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Hey guys any one want to buy anything from the steel series website? well here is a 20 percent off code i got from an exhibition centre at ExCel in London, uk they were giving the same code to everyone so i think every one can use it,

though i am not sure if its for unavailable in certain countries though i think it should work from anywhere, it expires tommorow according to the steel series rep i spoke to so use it soon :).

heres the code:


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I started the club thinking it would be a good idea to have a giant bomb club and CTRL ALT ELITE is an awsum name XD 
we want to be doing lots of club vs club races in the future to get some experiance for the club,
 we already have 2.5 mil towards in the club for the first upgrade.  
so if any 1 is interested  message me or TheKeyboardDemon 
alternativley you could just reply on this thread 
many thanks