Gaming Trends that need to Die in 2010

Inventory Management/ Over Encumbrance

Nothing pulls me out of a game quicker than being stopped mid action to be told that I'm carrying to much equipment, it's a very jarring experience and something that I don't think needs to exist in modern gaming.
Let's take for example Dragon Age: Origins as a recent example of this. You're halfway through storming up some epic tower, killing ever enemy in site and looting all their corpses as you go until suddenly, your inventory is full. What do you do? Do you sit there and flick through every piece of equipment you have trying to pick out the weakest and worst to throw away? Do you do a U-turn and return to the nearest vender to try and get some free space and some extra cash? Or just plough on and ignore all the possibly great loot that could be yours?
The most relevant Image I could find :D
The most relevant Image I could find :D

The counter argument is that it adds an element of realism to the game, well I'd like to counter that by saying being able to carry 75 broadswords before hitting that weight limit is in no way realistic. It's simple a great way to artificially lengthen games and it shouldn't exist any more.

Preorder Bonuses

 Pre Order Bonuses themselves are ok, but not when it seems to take away from the game.
A great example of this is the up coming Splinter Cell Conviction, according to a promotional video for the "Limited Collectors Edition the collectors edition (which can only be purchased from certian retailers, another thing that needs to die) contains exclusive weapons, clothing for the character and even an exclusive mode! That's like a 3rd of the fucking game!


 They want your brains... and a rest for a while.
 They want your brains... and a rest for a while.
  It's been said to death so I won't go on... but Zombies should take a break for a few years, kick back with a beer and come back fresh and exciting/scary in a few years time. 

Wastelands / The Post Apocalypse

 Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Borderlands, RAGE e.t.c
I don't want to see another eradiated empty area interspersed with small towns and buildings built out of old car parts/road signs/ or what ever other trash survives our inevitable doom for a while.
More to come soon maybe.