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Depends on the food and location. Using sushi as an example, if I'm home I'll use my hands, at a restaurant I'll use chopsticks. The table and its utensils become my drum kit with chopsticks in hand.

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When your party gets wiped in a dungeon you get the option to restart from the beginning of the floor you are currently on. You only lose any progress made since entering that particular floor which is far better than losing everything since your last save.

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Cut off my arm: I was pretty sure Lee would die anyway but the whole journey has been fucked up so far that I might as well chop his arm off too.

Lost my temper with Kenny: Fucking dickhead.

Concealed weapons: He had a gun, I only had one arm. Concealing my knife made me feel more comfortable.

Killed the stranger: I put a bullet in his head. Shame I couldn't eat some of the stolen food in front of him before pulling the trigger.

Clem shot Lee: It just felt right to me.

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- Killed the boy in the attic with a wrench.

- Told Vernon the truth and reasoned with him.

- Brought her with me to Crawford, at least I could keep an eye on her that way.

- Saved Ben.

- Showed the bite.

- Everyone except for Kenny went with me but I told him to fuck off anyway. I hope you get to kill off Kenny in episode 5 or at least get to play a role in his death. Something like setting him on fire and pushing him into a crowd of walkers will suffice.

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The whopper. I'd always pick it over the Big Mac unless I wanted something different for a change.

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@Yummylee said:

OK, I'm up to what I have to assume is the end boss for Leon's story. And it's fucking awful. In fact the villain himself is kinda shit, too... he just never keeps on coming back again and again, and the boss battles themselves are always far too long. Leon's campaign has frankly started to take a complete nosedive during Chapter 5.

That's a pretty good summary of how I felt after finishing Leon's campaign, I couldn't believe how often you had to fight that boss.

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Got the game yesterday, up to chapter 3 of Leon's campaign. Brief impressions without spoilers:

It's about as good as you can hope for really, the atmosphere and use of lighting is pretty good. It looks like a horror game but I'm not under any stress while playing it. Objectives are pointed out to you pretty clearly and the puzzles have been quite easy. Being able to melee at will (whenever you have the stamina for it) has made the game feel a little easy at times, I actually prefer to melee to conserve ammo for the action-heavy moments.

From the little amount I've played so far it doesn't seem like the terrible game that some have made it out to be. That said I doubt it'll be a great game either.

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Entirely single player. I never tried co-op with RE5 and I doubt I'd bother with it this time around.

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I like achievements and trophies and how many I go out of my way to obtain usually has to do with how much I like the game. Or even then, like the game enough to spend a few extra hours cleaning up and getting the leftover achievements. There are some I don't bother with, those which require an insane grind (eg. 100% battle trophies in Star Ocean:TLH) or multiplayer achievements in games where the online community is pretty much dead.

I'm not a fan of collectible achievements but I don't mind it so much when the collectables themselves provide some sort of in-game reward/bonus, unlike the pointless coffee thermoses in Alan Wake.

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A significant price drop would tempt me but ultimately I'll only buy it once they have exclusives I feel like I have to play.