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Better In The Worst Ways 0

NARRATIVE Luckily for Portal 2, its writing is good enough to carry the rest of the game. Without the strength of the narrative the rest of the design of Portal 2 just feels lazy. Portal 2 picks up a good chunk of time after the original but ultimately that doesn't matter as the design of the game is identical to Portal 1 with the exception of the introduction of new elements like blue and orange gels. Portal 2 digs deeper in to the back story of Aperture science but the script seems to be more...

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NOTE: This review pertains to the retail Xbox 360 version of Crysis 2MAXIMUM STORYTo say that Crysis 2's campaign story is bad would be an understatement of sorts. It's not just that it's a bad story overall but the way it's told makes it that much worse. I would give a synopsis of what transpires but the fact is that at a certain point my brain put up some sort of protective measures that prevented my from absorbing any more of the poisonous stupidity Crysis 2 was injecting into it. The best I ...

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A Light Hearted Challenge 0

So you want to play Ilomilo, huh?      Make no mistake - Ilomilo is a puzzle game through and through. The game is simple in concept: You play as both Ilo and Milo. At the beginning of each puzzle Ilo and Milo start in seprate locations  on a large 3-dimensional grid maze made of cubes. The primary goal in Ilomilo is to navigate these cube mazes with both characters one at a time and reunite the two friends. Within the mazes there are collectables to gather. These range from the mundaneness of...

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A different blend of action-adventure 1

  Make no mistake; Darksiders is born straight from the Zelda mold. Boomerang, hookshot, horse riding, block puzzles – all present and accounted for. Vigil has simply taken the formula several steps forward by adding a true combat system, something the Zelda series has always been desperately missing, and a healthy smattering of Metroid-like exploration. The world is spread out and interconnected between dungeons by series’ of tunnels and open areas. Think Metroid Prime’s Tallon ove...

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Better than Phantom Hourglass - but is that enough? 2

The Legend of the Zelda: Spirit Tracks for the DS is Nintendo's newest take on the land of Hyrule. It tells the story of an ancient evil that has been inexplicably imprisoned by a series magical railroad tracks and is hell bent on busting loose but Link and Zelda together embark on an adventure to seal the evil away once more. It's standard fare for the series but the forgettable, yet forgivable, story is forwarded with well written dialog from a host of new personalities.  By now you've likely ...

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