What is Wildstar? You're gonna' find out, Cupcake!


First, I'll let the trailer do the talking: (seriously, it's a pretty cool trailer for an MMO, you should watch it.)

TLDW: It's a sci-fi MMO with action and platforming elements and a very Ratchet & Clank-esque art style. Also, there's player and guild housing.

There are two factions (aren't there always?), The Dominion and The Exiles. Yep, they're pretty much exactly what they sound like. The Dominion are a mildly oppressive empire, and The Exiles are a scrappy band of rebels. There are eight races total, with two yet to be revealed.

The Dominion

Cassian - Space British

Mechari - Ancient Robots
Drakon - Dragon Dudes

The Exiles

Humans - Space Hillbillies
Granok - Rock Men
Aurin - Furry Girls


There are six classes in Wildstar, two of which haven't been revealed yet. The known classes are Warrior, Spellslinger, Stalker, and Esper. The Warrior is a warrior, the Spellslinger seems to the hunter analogue, Stalker is the stealth class, and Esper is the magic class.


In addition to classes, there are things called "Paths", which are Scientist, Soldier, Explorer, and Settler. The Paths seem to have a great influence over what kind of missions you'll get and how you'll play the game. This is a bit speculation on my part, but it appears to me that these Paths seem to correspond with MMO player archetypes. For example, if you're a lore nerd scientist is the way to go, if you're way into crafting systems then Settler might be the one for you, or if you just want to kill shit go with Soldier.

That about wraps it up I guess. I apologize for the lack of detailed information about the game, but this blog post wasn't meant to be a super in depth info dump necessarily. It's just that this game looks like it could be pretty cool and something the Giant Bomb community might possibly be into, but no one on here seems to be aware of it. There's literally one post in the Wildstar forum here on the site. I just thought I would make a brief summary of the game to try to bring it to a bit of attention here on the site.

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While it's hard to get excited for MMOs these days I like some of the stuff they're doing when it comes to player housing. Just too bad it's an instanced plot and not a malleable world. But in the end, first game from a new publisher and it's an MMO.... that's pretty much just begging for failure at this point.