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"Normal" in most cases has become stupid-easy over the last generation, so I generally bump it up to "Hard" for my first time through.

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Both is obviously ideal, but I feel like most games don't actually walk that tightrope very well. Given a choice, I'll take mechanics over narrative any day of the week.

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I watched The Clone Wars with a "skip the bad episodes" guide, so my experience is very skewed, but I really loved the show. Even with that guide though, I can tell you that the later seasons are much stronger than the earlier stuff.

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Real talk, Kinect was a shitty, half-baked piece of hardware that Microsoft put out solely to cynically capitalize on the Wii motion control fad* and the only good thing Kinect ever contributed to the world of gaming is Giant Bomb Quick Looks of Kinect games. Good riddance. (Although I will miss those Quick Looks.)

*Yes, I said fad.

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Far Cry X Saints Row

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JRPGs aren't dead. They're just in the backseat for the time being.

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Am I the only one who thinks that Nintendo's "social commentary" response has been taken way out of context?

To me it seems like everyone else interpreted it as, "We didn't want to include gay relationships because we didn't want to make any social commentary." Whereas I interpreted it as, "We didn't intend any social commentary by only including hetero relationships." Subtle difference,but the former implies that they deliberately left out gay relationships to avoid a hot-button political issue (or worse), while the latter implies that they weren't trying to push some anti-gay agenda by only including hetero relationships. I suppose you could make the argument that whatever their intention, not including gay relationships is a tacit approval of the status quo or even anti-gay sentiment. I think that argument is total bullshit, but hey, knock yourself out.

I don't know, I guess I got something different out of it than everyone else.

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Bioware used to be one of my "go-to" developers. They never made anything I didn't highly enjoy. However, the triple whammy of Dragon Age II, Mass Effect 3, and Star Wars: The Old Republic really soured me on Bioware. I think the new Dragon Age looks promising, and Bioware is saying all the right things, but it's going to take a lot more than words to convince me to buy it. I'll be reading many reviews and user impressions before I make a decision. I imagine it's going to be that way with Bioware for now for quite some time.