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Studio Liverpool and Wipeout are dead, and yet Evolution and this piece of shit limp on. What an embarrassment.


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Not too long ago I was very much a "story guy". However, as I get older, I find myself caring less and less about the story. I don't have patience for that shit, I just want to have fun.

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i have a 3DS and Vita and have several games for them. I've owned every iteration of the Game Boy and the DS. When I was a certain age, I grew out of Pokemon (probably about 12-13), and that essentially made portable gaming a weird void. I feel like many portable games for 3DS and Vita want way more time commitments than I feel like investing into a small screen console. I just don't want a full 10 hour experience on a 3DS along with tons of console and PC games that require the same. When I start a portable game, I get uninterested in 30-40 minutes. Does anyone else share this? Does anyone prefer their longer experiences on PC/consoles and portable experience on phones as a short time killer?

For me playing games on a handheld is always something I put up with rather than something I seek out. Nine times out of ten, I would rather play the game on a television with a controller.

Many times I try to sit down and play my 3DS, but it's such a pain in the ass, it's hard to enjoy whatever game I'm trying to play and usually give up. A game has to really be special to get me to play through it at length on a handheld.

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BSG is great. Way better than Lost.

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I haven't been to the movies in years. Maybe it's because I'm a lame-ass, but I think it's more because seemingly everyone forgot you're not supposed to talk or play with your phones during the movie.

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@hailinel said:

Men that don't raise the toilet seat to pee are restroom Hitlers. Seriously, it's gross.

You know what's way grosser? Touching public toilet seats.

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I tried to watch it once. Got like five episodes in and quit as I thought it was kind of terrible.

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I just watched both of Rob Zombie's Halloween movies. They're kind of a mixed bag, but I liked them a lot and think they're terribly underrated.

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Never walked into a women's public restroom, but I've walked in on girls in home bathrooms a couple of times.

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