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I wonder if they're tapping him to do the editing as well? Strange days.

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Welcome Jason "The Awe-Striker" and "Dirty" Dan Ryckert. I look forward to your content and contributions to GB.

Long days and pleasant nights.

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Is this... is this Frog Fractions 2?

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Endurance runs? Well let's see... Bioforge, Demon's Souls, Phantasmagoria, Blair Witch, Slender: The Arrival, A huge chunk of Dark Souls, Spelunky (kinda), Volgarr, Outlast, Devil May Cry, Halo Reach, most of Doom 2, most of Freedom Fighters... any others I'm missing?

The only differences are that they aren't daily, they're not free, and they're not called Endurance Run. Besides, they seem like a lot of effort to produce as free content. Pay for a premium membership and voila: more Endurance Runs.

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We are currently looking for a couple of good Bombers/Duders to join a Pathfinder campaign. Whether these players are new to Pathfinder or are grizzled veterans they would be a welcome addition to our game. We currently have two spots open. The game will be played on the website Roll20.

This is a horror themed campaign, with a Players Guide available as a free PDF. The guide outlines the general world you’ll be entering and provides suggestions on which skills would be useful as well as player traits to consider in order to help flesh out your character and make them fit into this world. It’s not a long read but it is an important one! I wanted to have some potential players post up ideas for what they might like to play here--the focus is more on the kind of person you’re interested in than the meat of the sheet, which we’ll get together and work on next Thursday.

A character is more than a name and a set of numbers. It’s a character in a story. I don’t expect characters worthy of their own set of novels. I don’t expect a backstory of 5000 words that spans every moment from his/her birth to the present moment. I do expect at least a basic character outline and the ability to answer questions about his/her personality. You don’t need a funny accent or anything but we will be looking for actual roleplaying; stealing a gem from your party, maybe, or laughing in the face of the werewolf pack as you stand in the doorway while the villagers escape out the back. Players are not a mute game-piece with hit points and spells. They are individuals and it makes the game a lot more fun for everybody involved if every player acts as one. The game’s gonna have some laughs, of course, but it’ll probably aim for a bit more serious tone than the stuff we’ve all been enjoying here on the site. If you’ve seen “Spooking with Scoops” you’ll have an idea of the type of adventure that will be afoot.

This is a commitment of both time and energy! There will be a set time every week that the sessions will begin. Currently it’s Thursday evenings. It’s very important that everybody shows up consistently and is on time so please make sure that this timeframe is realistic before applying. This timeframe may change in the future depending on the availability of the players involved. Running a campaign is a lot of work. There are maps to make, monsters to study, and encounters to prepare. To run a single hour of an adventure requires at least an hour or two of work to prepare. This means that while I don’t expect players to invest as much time and care as the DM to their characters I do expect that there is some time and care applied to them.

All of the current Pathfinder modules such as Ultimate Combat and Ultimate Magic are able to be utilized. I will also be employing various house-rules in this game. This includes tweaks to certain classes to make them more approachable and fun to play. This also will take the form of creating house-rules on the fly to help make players’ crazy plans a reality. In short, we are using the Pathfinder ruleset, however this does not mean that it is the ironclad book of laws that will adjudicate all things. Rules are meant to be bent and broken. Just remember: the DM is always on your side. Any rulings made will be to enhance the game for everybody. I get no joy from killing an entire party and a party gets no joy from a safe adventure.

We’re going to try and end up with a balanced party--basically, some guys who get up front and get down and dirty with monsters, some guys who stand back and blow things up/fill them with pointy things, and at least one duder who puts everyone else back together after each scrap. Since the game is horror-themed, though, it’s going to emphasize investigation; interacting with that shady innkeeper who keeps looking at the door to the cellar and avoiding your questions, following that creepy little girl who only appears at night to the graveyard villagers say she disappears in, turning a corpse over to look for bite marks. There will be skeletons to smash and bandits to dispatch, of course, but we can’t all be V-Bomb. Everybodys role will be useful in some way and everybody will get a chance to shine. That’s a promise.

If you have any questions that I didn’t already address in this post please ask them in the thread below. If you’re interested in playing please message me here on GiantBomb and we can move forward with the next step in applying,

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I played Pathfinder for a few months and the group dissolved. One member and myself have been canvassing the area looking for party members with no luck.

If someone is willing to let me join I'll play an online version.

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@ztiworoh: A note about how Oscar was giving up on life and a bunch of WW2 era Morphine syrettes as well as a syringe. Oscar seemed to be a junkie. Guess that explains the "psycho house" stuff.

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I am subbed until next spring. I'll see what happens after the site redesign is finished. From what I've heard though it seems like the premium subs are one of the things that allow the guys to keep their independence from the larger company when it comes to content. Less premium subs means less decisions fall to the guys. I don't know if it's that cut and dried but from what I heard on a Radio Dave a couple months back that seems to be the case.

I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. The site hasn't been as good as it was since the renaissance that followed the all day SNES-travaganza but if they were able to do it once I'm confident (and hopeful) that they'll be able to do it again.

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Never gonna happen but Grim Fandango. God I love that game.

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Back in the long long ago when I used to rent games on Friday nights after school they didn't have difficulty levels. I was stuck with whatever difficulty the game was on default. I had to rent Megaman 2 twice to beat it proper. I do remember the first game I rented that had a difficulty select... Aladdin for the Genesis. I was a young lad and I put it on easy. Was I proud of myself? Nope. Did I beat it in one weekend and thus was able to play a completely new game next week? Yup.