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Fun Collecting, Bad Port 0

Collecting Skylanders is fun, even if you go back to the original game. Not so fun on the PS3 versions: lots of bugs, including crashes and freezes requiring a restart, and pretty much no graphical upgrades. Some hidden items are even unobtainable in this version. Stick with the lead platform, Wii....

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Retro Gaming How You Remember It 0

You can tell Volgarr the Viking is a Sega Genesis game in spirit, if not in actuality, just by playing the opening level. You face 16-bit monsters with that old, pixelated level design that you remember so well. And if there is any question, you need only reference the manual, styled after a Genesis. Unlike the games of old, however, Volgarr nails the level design by being tough without being punitive. Deaths are your fault, and while rote memorization will help you progress, it is not until you...

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Fantastic 0

This is a fantastic tower defense game. It's balanced well, and has gobs of personality in the towers and enemies. It scratches the resource management itch well and adds in a bit of real-time strategy with your powers and the ability to deploy heroes. Highly recommended for RTS and tower defense fans. Looks and plays great on iPad....

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Meh 0

I played this on Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, and it doesn't quite hold up to the other games in the collection. It's a fairly standard platforming/shooting game, broken up by 3 "bonus" stages that, while impressive for the technology, are not intuitive and mostly just pose frustrating barriers to progress. There are few enemy types, and a lot of repeats. The only stand outs are the boss fights, but they are few and far between....

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Great Start, Lame Finish 0

Nothing is more gripping in Limbo than it's opening two-thirds, a horrifying tromp through a deadly forest that literally had me on edge, and then a disturbing transition to an industrial city. But once you get in the city for the game's final third, things begin to fall apart, the environment's less stark, the puzzles more trial and error. Still, it is such a fantastic two-thirds, I heartily recommend it....

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Good to the Last Drop 0

This game looks wonderful on the iPad, such that I rarely load up the iPhone version anymore. The play is easy to learn and difficult to master, and random opponents are as entertaining to play with as Facebook friends. The new challenges are clever, but the game still lacks AI battling....

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Too Many Metaphors 0

Alan Wake has two great qualities, both surprising. The first is the use of light. Surprising in that it is used so well to evoke atmosphere and even as a gameplay mechanic. The second is the story. The dialogue can be overwrought, and the lip synching is fantastically awful, but the character of Alan Wake ends up being actually very believable, and the whole thing is tied up perfectly (in that it's a little ambiguous). Wake's character arc is sympathetic, and the supporting characters aren't ju...

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Not the Greatest Hit 0

This side-scrolling Mega Man clone was included in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, but I'm not entirely sure why. It does not control nearly as well as most of the other game's in the collection, and, cheap deaths and save states aside, it's a pretty short adventure overall. This game is sadly a chilling reminder that there was a time when just getting a game that did jumping and side-scrolling shooting correctly was a feat in and of itself......

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Stale, Even Then 0

Age of Empires II was an obsolete RTS that failed to match the brilliance of other RTSes of its day, such as StarCraft. This expansion, released a number of years later, does little to fix it. There is still no attack-move command, and while the addition of new civilizations and units can be fun (the turtle ship especially), there is no flavor to the additions. Koreans play like Japanese play like Turks; the only difference is a handful of units in each civilization. Let's not even talk balance....

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