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I will be crying at some point but for now I am numb with disbelief and shock. This is a tragic loss for his family and the world. For what it's worth, Ryan, you touched my life and that of thousands of others. Rest in peace, and may your family and friends find some solace in this time of sorrow.

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I'm pretty sure that was just nonsense

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@larcnight: Do you live in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? where the hell is it going to be Wed in an hour?

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I guess they actually took yesterday off.... boo I hate late bombcasts

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All I have to say is nice work lighting a fire under the nutsacks of every troll on the internet apparently.... also this doesn't seem like a big deal, at all. I am surprised these women in gaming are so damn sensitive.

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my favorite part of this story is "Crytek has purchased the rights to the Homefront franchise for some reason." laughed my ass off!

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Look folks I know they have been churning it out at a superb rate.... thats what I am saying I havn't had to look anywhere else for entertainment until today. Not complaining at all. I do see some good points though I will peruse the TNT's to find one I missed or only saw part of. Thanks for the support GB community!

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So, I am spoiled, and it is your fault I've become almost totally dependent on your nonstop amazing content (TV what?). Its late in the evening and all I want is some good GB content and what is there after an entire weekend and a Monday? a 20 minute quick look, a trailer, and an I Love Mondays (albeit an awesome one)..... I am dying here. Am I crazy or not tell me the truth GB forum folks! #GBFIRSTWORLDPROBLEMS

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I am an adult so nothing.

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Ryan has been stunningly silent on twitter the past few hours....