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#1 Posted by sofakng (25 posts) -

Thanks! I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing an RSS feed because I really enjoy seeing the unfinished games.

#2 Posted by sofakng (25 posts) -

Why is the latest quick look titled "Unfinished: Secrets of Grindea" not showing in any of the RSS feeds?

Is there a new "Unfinished" quick looks RSS feed?

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I'm just wondering, but does anybody use a laptop on their couch to play games?

I have a big gaming desktop but it's down in the basement so I thought it might be nice to buy a small laptop for playing indie (or light) games on the couch so I can sit by my wife while we watch TV, etc.

Anyways, I've tried a Macbook Air (2013) and the trackpad is a bit annoying for me even though I'm only playing turn-based games and some indie stuff (FTL, etc). I've tried using a mouse on the couch as well but that also doesn't work.

Does anybody here use a laptop (without hooking it up to their TV) for gaming while on their couch?

#4 Posted by sofakng (25 posts) -

I'm just wondering, but will the quick-look of the Vita from yesterday be uploaded today? I missed it yesterday :(

#5 Edited by sofakng (25 posts) -

iTunes is funny.

I'm not sure if it works the same on Windows and OS X but iTunes continues prompting for a username/password for all password-protected podcasts even if you click 'Remember Password'.  (it will remember your username/password, but you still have to click OK everytime it refreshes!)

Would it be possible to add a username/password HTTP GET parameter to avoid this?


Right now I've created a PHP script using libCURL to perform authentication for me and avoid this problem:
  http://myserver/getfeed.php?username=sofakng&password=hidden&podcastId=10 (ie. subscriber videos)

I'm just wondering, but is this against the terms of service for the website?  I absolutely do not want to get in trouble and I really don't see anything wrong with what I'm doing but I really want to make sure.

#6 Posted by sofakng (25 posts) -

Is there any way to stop iTunes from prompting me for a password every time it syncs my Giant Bomb Subscriber feed videos?

It's very annoying and prevents iTunes from automatically updating my other podcasts because of the username/password prompt...

#7 Posted by sofakng (25 posts) -

Update:  I've just reverted back to iOS 4.3.5 and the problem still exists so it's not a problem with the iOS 5 beta.

I've also searched the forums here and it seems like other people are also experiencing these issues...

#8 Posted by sofakng (25 posts) -


I've submitted a bug report to Apple but I'm guessing that it's already a known issue. (I've submitted a number of different other bug reports and they do respond quickly so if you're interested in their response I'll post it here after I hear back)

Thanks for the confirmation though!

#9 Posted by sofakng (25 posts) -

I'm using iOS 5 beta 6 and I can't seem to play any of the videos from the mobile Giant Bomb website (

When I attempt to play the video I see the circle/play button but when I click on it nothing happens.

I'm not sure if this is an iOS problem or related the the Giant Bomb site...

#10 Posted by sofakng (25 posts) -

I saw a part of it but I was hoping to watch the whole thing myself.

Is this available any longer?

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