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@RVonE you know, i totally missed that. so if it's dead, it's dead. but i still maintain that many of the games on this list are not obscure OR overlooked in any way. 
i think it turned into a "favorite game list" somehow.  

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 there are several titles here that would qualify as "critical darlings" and "A-list titles."  Gun, and Bully, in particular, were very commercially successful, and received good reviews. (Bully a bit better than Gun) Several other of the titles above are also medium-level successes.  
"Republic Commando," for example, was so incredibly popular that it spawned it's own series of novels in the Star Wars universe. (the first of the 5 novels was released before the game)
Even Okami, which is a certified over-looked gem of a game, has sold more copies and made more profits than the majority of titles out there.  
I think it would help this list to have a kind of cut-off or something for exactly how successful it wasn't. Like, "number of units sold" or "ratio of profits over budget" (or lack of profit)      Perhaps I am misunderstanding the purpose of the list?