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I can't scrub through a video anymore since 2.0

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I don't think the cursor ever hid for me in Firefox.

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yes, artifacting sounds like a problem with the gpu. On my old Pc I'd get artifacting on boot and then a blue screen. It also happened when the actual gameplay in a game started. At some point it didn't boot at all (didn't get a POST beep) On board graphics worked fine and saved me until all the new parts for a new PC got here. So like MB said, pull the card and connect the monitor to the motherboard.

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Vienna, Austria

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@cale: In the UK you can only drive automatics if you pass your test in one. Pass in manual and you are ok in whatever.

I've only ever driven automatics a half dozen times amd have never felt safe doing it. I need a clutch.

In Austria that way as well. If you choose to do your test in an automatic you're not allowed to drive a manual until you do the test in one I think.

I've never driven automatic though I haven't driven anything in over a year.

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I think you need to out the wifi setting on the opposite of what makes sense or something like that. Mine downloads no problem when I turn of the screen.

The mystery port is an unused accessory port that they removed in the slim version.

Saves files will be deleted too if you delete the game. Only ways to save a save file is to upload it with ps+ or copy the whole game to a ps3 or PC with the content manager.

I played through Hotline on the Vita, best way to play it. Awesome with headphones on full blast.

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The difference in bootspeed alone makes the like 55€ I spent worth it. Takes like 8 seconds. (who needs W8 anyway) I haven't played a lot of games yet on my new PC so I'm not so sure about load times. I guess I should try out Saints Row 3, the loads in that were weird where the sound of a cutscene started during a load.

The difference in the Windows updates after installing Windows was also great. All those restarts took time originally.

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too bad, he would have been a serious contender for a Darwin Award. And nothing of value would have been lost.

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How can you miss the Depths unless you know what to skip with the Master Key? Also means no upgrading weapons past +5.

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reloading should always do the trick. It always reloads you to the last moment you had sure footing, so unless the game counts some kind of void as that it should put you back before you fell.