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too bad, he would have been a serious contender for a Darwin Award. And nothing of value would have been lost.

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How can you miss the Depths unless you know what to skip with the Master Key? Also means no upgrading weapons past +5.

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reloading should always do the trick. It always reloads you to the last moment you had sure footing, so unless the game counts some kind of void as that it should put you back before you fell.

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Oh, I get the game. I just fell off the last time. I like to do that, start, play like 10 hours and then stop.

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I really need to get on with that game. Just started over after not moving past the Gargoyles on my first run. But I have a holiday coming up and nothing but time.

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@shalashaskauk666: you need the large ember from where the butcher is (depths I think) to reinforce beyond +5. Very large ember for more than 10.

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Edit: works now. Guess it was just some weird thing on my end.

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The RRP for most big games has been 70€ here for a long while. The prices always come down to on release on Amazon for example. Just don't buy for a price you don't want to pay. It's why I never buy AAA titles on digitally, they always ask the RRP. (Activision and EA and I think Ubi all want 70€ for PSN games, probably Xbox too)

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Maybe check out Space Engine. The planets themselves aren't as fleshed out but they give you an infinite universe instead.

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On a metric one