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Steam: Sol21

Location: NA


Time: Anytime, schedule at work changes every week, so it can be hard to peg down a specific time frame.

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Othar - I never really noticed before but it looks like he could use more buckles.

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@selfconfessedcynic: No I am not haha

Thanks for the welcome, and I can't wait to actually talk to some folks in game, missed out on playing in the 2nd and 3rd BWEs due to pesky real life obligations.

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Hey all,

Figure this is as good of a place as any to introduce myself properly.

Longtime MMO Player having played most major MMOs. Have been playing them since EQ Online Adventures back on the PS2 (didn't have a proper pc back then)

New to the GB forums but can't wait to meet everyone in game and just have a blast playing GW2 with you all.


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New to the Forum, but I would love to join the guild once the GW2 comes online, haven't had a chance to meet many people during the Beta Weekends due to time constraints on my end but I would like to meet some people once the Servers go live.