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Successful troll is successful.

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The end-game solo planet is interesting. I'm mostly wondering about what this "re-roll incentive" thing is all about though.

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I would watch the Chikara Pro Wrestling comedy hour on a weekly basis if it existed.

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This just made my day. Thank you good sir for sharing this awesomeness.

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That's really harsh man, I'm sorry to hear that. I can't say I'd be able to understand your situation, because I have no clue how I'd react myself, but it would definitely be traumatizing. The only advice I can really offer is kind of cheesy: Find the silver lining with the trauma and just try to appreciate life all that much more.

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Mass Effect 2 would definitely be my favorite XBox 360 game of 2010.

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Socom rocks. Confrontation wasn't amazing, but hopefully this game ends up like the 2nd one.
EDIT: Also, I apparently just got that achievement everyone fiends over by accident.

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I'm actually genuinely excited for this now. I guess I'm going to have to push off getting a PSP.

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Mushihimesama Futari Ver. 1.5 
Starcraft 2 
Gran Turismo 5

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@Chaser324 said:

" Well...I just counted the coins, and I have to say that I'm surprised at how much it actually was. It was way more than I thought. Even more surprising though is the fact that there is already a guess in this thread that is only off by one cent. Yes, you read that correctly. There is already a guess that is off by ONLY ONE CENT!! That is nuts. "

And now come the floods of responses going +/- 1 cent of other guesses in the topic :P