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The fact that "Children" is capitalized int eh first screenshot is super funny to me.

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What item do you get ? Spolier tag if needed.

A stupid ring.

And how is he going to use it with a soul memory of around 60 million? Good luck with matchmaking.

I think Soul Memory caps at 12 million in regards to matchmaking.

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Me and my sister used to be super close. She was basically a second mother to me (she's ten years me senior). There's some distance between us now but we still get along great.

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@demoskinos: He didn't mention anything about tripping, all he said was that it was unbalanced, and his tone made it pretty clear to me that he didn't give the game a fair chance, or accept the fact that there are people that like it despite its issues.

Either way, I just like the games (all of them) for the chaos, so I have no problems with random tripping.

In that guy's defense, when you have to ban non-boss characters, your game is pretty much fucked. It's what killed SCIV.

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So I've been helping people with the Smelter Demon today and I can confirm that keeping Lucatile alive is now trivial (except for when she backs up off the ledge at the fog gate), even without the Red Eye Ring. The Smelter Demon's attacks do about 3-5% to her now, with his big aura blast topping out at around 8%.

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@golguin: There was either a mistranslation in the patch notes or that is a mistake.

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Basically. Pretty much everyone, even Nintendo, is telling them to stop taking something they care deeply about seriously. It's understandable that they would get a little hostile.

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I can't say I'm too broken up about it. I used to love the Daily Show and Colbert Report, but after a while the one-note cynicism and sarcasm grew tired and rote. I'm looking forward to seeing Stephen be Stephen for a change.

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My main issue with the nerf is that it's altering a portion of the game that can be EASILY bypassed in several ways. Pumping the priestesses with arrows seems to have been the popular solution. Don't have arrows? Just dodge roll under the spell. It took me 2-3 rolls with simple walking to get withing melee range of the priestesses. Don't want to put down your shield? Summon a buddy and split the aggro.

Using a 100% shield can get you through most tough spots and bosses in Dark Souls 2. The moment the shield users face something that can melt their strategy they cry foul. There isn't a single build in the game that's 100% effective for every situation. If something doesn't work try another strategy. That's the Dark Souls way. Making the game easier for people that don't want to change their strategy is disappointing.

The same thing was done with Dark Souls 1 and it sucked there too. One of my fondest memories in Dark Souls 1 was killing all the dragon torsos in Lost Izalith and that doesn't even exist anymore because you can walk by every single one without drawing aggro.

I've played through that area solo, coop, melee, range, magic, shield, and no shield and it still fucking sucks. And the funny thing is, this patch doesn't even really address why. Yeah, the degree of homing is horseshit but the real problem is that they aggro from an outrageous distance and never stop once they have you in their sights. It breaks the rules that both the player and the (at least human sized) enemies play by. And that's why people hate it. Not because it's hard or that we don't want to try new strategies, but because it feels more unfair than challenging, especially when it is compounded by the waist-high water.

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Overall it seems like DS1 was a diamond in the rough, while in DS2 they removed a lot of the rough.

They also removed a lot of the diamond.

Dark Souls II is with out a doubt a much more refined game mechanically, but it feels uninspired to me. The creative spark of Demon's and Dark Souls seems to be missing in place of a rote formula. It's an ephemeral thing that's difficult to articulate, but seeing Havle's and the Elite Knight set again really took some of the wind out of my sail.

I feel like the armor is one of the absolute last places you can really make this argument. Havel's set being in the game I thought was a really cool nod to the old game, not a failure of creativity or lazy cop out (also, it's not the easiest thing to find), and the Elite Knight set is just a standard set of armor that you can buy from a merchant, it isn't held up on a pedestal as some like awesome piece of armor.

Overall though, there is just a SHIT TON of armor in this game, a lot of secret sets or sets only available in NG+, and a lot of it looks fucking incredible. It's one of the aspects of Dark Souls 2 that I would really take a stand on as being superior to Dark Souls.

I realize that there is much more variety in the armor this time around, and that they've done a good job of actually making armor useful. It's just that seeing those sets again just felt like the game going "Hey! It's Dark Souls! See how Dark Souls it is!"

To be fair, I had a similar reaction when I properly played through Demon's Souls after completing Dark Souls. Seeing how much of that game was recycled from Demon's Souls was super disappointing, but at least the Gargoyles aren't exactly the Maneaters.

Or maybe I'm just bitter that of all the sets they could have brought back, they didn't bring back the Brass Set. That'st he fucking coolest looking set in the whole series.