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Just don't play the longest game possible.

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Well I didn't expect any less from a developer who is an absolute scrub in Tekken but is also a total womanizer.

Itagaki isn't involved with this game. he left Team ninja in 2008 following sexual harassment accusations. He's been lamenting about the "sorry" state of the DoA series every chance he gets.

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She's basically Dural, only a school girl. I would be more into the copy-paste move-set if she was just some one who idolized the fighters and trained super hard, kind of like Sakura, but there is clearly some supernatural since bullshit going on too. Her design is super "ehhhh." Mila has been the only worthwhile addition in 5 so far.

The only way I'll be on board if she has Jacky's kick and goes "Yeeeaaah!"

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I fell off of Salty Bet when they started doinf rankings and matchmaking. Yeah, the fights are realer now, but I miss the upsets.

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I hear Renaissance of Fate is fairly difficult, but mostly for being outrageously obtuse. Haven't played it myself though. If you want good JRPGs that are also challenging, you should look into Tri-Ace's catalog in general.

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I have AMD/ATI hardware and it's worked fine 99% of the time but you should probably go with the 970.

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@soldierg654342: Oh, agreed (well, besides on Frigid Outskirts, which I trust is a DLC thing?). The two areas I was referring to were The Gutter and Harvest Valley, though. Dark Souls II recycles quite a bit, turns out.

Oh, by brain just saw "Treetop" and "Poison Nightmare" and filled in the rest itself. The Frigid Outskirts is DLC, and it probably the most divisive area in the series. Some people really love it, but they're nuts. It's the only area in the Souls series that I've completed and will never do again.

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The Shrine of Amana isn't worse than Blighttown and 5-2. The Frigid Outskirts though, blow both of them out of the fucking water.

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Bioshock Infinite is the only one that springs to the top of my head, but for me to complain about it feels disingenuous because had it not come free with my graphics card I wouldn't have played it at all.

As for games that I was interested in to begin with; Tekken? I'm not a fan of the look of the characters. They look weirdly bulky to me and the animations look and feel stiff. I don't like how every character has 200 moves, and I don't like how the games have been inching closer to Touch of Death territory as the games have gone on. Give me Virtua Fighter any day.

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Delay's typically don't bother me because I don't play a ton of new games. Hell, Bloodborne getting delayed actually is a good thing for me because that means I have more time to scrounge for a PS4.