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I thoroughly enjoyed the first game, both for the novelty and the combat. I wish FF13 used Kingdom Hearts combat. It looks like it should. I didn't enjoy 2 nearly as much because the combat seemed way more mash-ey and that was when the series really started to crawl up it's own ass.

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I would recommend Eldritch. I never see it talked about much, but it's a fun first person Rogue like experience. There's a QL of it, but after that I didn't see many people recommending it at all. I like the graphics and the sound design, while sparse, can be pretty freaky in some instances. It's also cool if you dig Cthulu mythos stuff.

I really want to like Eldritch, but the lack of verity in the combat killed the game for me. Plus, something about the wall textures makes me nauseous if I play it for too long.

If you like super weird shit, you should give Afterfall: Insanity a look.

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TTT2 was what made me realize how misguided my philosophy of "never subtraction, always addition" in fighting games was. I rented the game to check it out, saw the character select screen, and returned it. I don't have the time or energy to play a fighting game with that many characters. Tekken 7 needs a more focused and balanced cast first and foremost, so we can avoid the Bobbageddon that was EVO 2012(?).

The other thing that drove me away from TTT2 was seeing that everyone's movelist was the length of a small novel. Virtua Fighter manages to give each character a ton of tools and have a huge amount of depth to it's game without overloading the characters with an excessive amount of moves.

I guess what I want from Tekken 7, systems wise, is for it to show some restraint.

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The game is the perfect capstone on a generation of video games that centered around grizzled dudes committing hardcore murder on tons of other dudes.

It's the Game of the Generation in the sense that it is the perfect poster-child of everything this generation was, all the way down to the fight to even get Ellie on the box at all.

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I'll probably pick up a few issues and see how it goes. I'm surprised they made a big announcement about it though, figured something like this would be a bit more Loki.

You are the worst.

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I have a 4TB Seagate Hybrid and the improvement from a standard HDD is noticeable, especially on boot. Sure, it's not as snappy as a pure SSD, but it's faster than an HDD and I have tons of storage space.

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This seems like an appropriate place to ask this question: Why do people seem to hate 3.33 so much? I don't mean they don't like it as a film, but they get up in arms about what it does to the fiction and characters. Granted, I'm not super invested in Evangelion, but I just don't see the problem with it.

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The things that made Korra interesting in the first season (essentially being a proto-typical teenage male hero, only a girl) were cranked up to eleven in the second season to the point where she became totally unsympathetic. She got so bad that the writers saw no way out of the hole they dug themselves than amnesia. I haven't watched any of the new season and don't really care to because season 2 left such a bad taste in my mouth, so I don't know if things have changed. Regardless, that amnesia plot in season 2 was one of the most infuriating things I've ever watched.

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Snake Eater, don't be crazy.

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Re-releasing The Last of Us when that game is only like a year or two old seems super goddamn sleazy to me. Older games that can benefit from added horsepower (like Shadow of the Colossus) to me seem like good candidates, but if the game already played fine, then it's not really worth anyone's time or money to just clean up a few jagged edges.