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I think it all depends on what you personally find scary. There is a limited number of horror games, but a tremendous amount of horror movies covering a vast number of subjects, so the likelihood of a film touching a nerve is far more likely.

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I'll give the Archdemon credit for being the only boss I couldn't best be simply switching to my healer, throwing on cleansing aura, and just shotgunning Lyrium potions. I was hoping for something a little more impressive than just a dragon though. But then again, the game is called Dragon Age.

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Personally, I thought the game was astoundingly boring in both the "survival" and "horror" department.

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Play the first real assassination then YouTube the story bits.

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System Shock 2

You get to beat robot space ninjas to death with a wrench.

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aside from my rant on zombies, i have one important thing to say about survival horror games and i don't think anyone will argue this. the more combat and fighting you do, regardless of the enemy the less scary the game gets. the more the game shows you that you can just kill the things you're supposed to be scared of, the less tension there is. it stops being "oh crap i hope those monsters don't kill me, crap crap crap" to " oh crap i gotta do another lame fight, ugh" real fast.

Only if the game is poorly made. Think of the original Resident Evil. Every encounter was tense because you never have much ammo. Having fought twenty zombies before didn't change the fact that you only had three bullets for the twenty first while you were low on health and out of green herbs. Or in System Shock 2, where you're facing down a a Security Bot with you're guns near jamming. The fighting only becomes mundane (like in Dead Space) when the enemies and supplies are placed without any thought.

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Surivial-Horror is a very difficult and time consuming genre to make. If there is combat, every single encounter must be balanced against every other encounter to make sure there are the desired amount of resources available. And then you have to balance the enemies against the atmosphere and pace them accordingly. It's not a genre that lends itself to annualization, which is what this industry relies on these days.

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@Grimhild: rolled Vanu and that was still the basic MO. Granted, there was a little more finesse to it since out vehicles were fragile as fuck and didn't pack much of a punch, and our guns were nearly useless in open areas, but for the most part PS battles were about who could get the most guns where.

The TR and their MCGs can still fuck right off though.

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Outside of sneaking into unoccupied bases, not very. Winning was mostly about strength in numbers. Maneuvering wasn't a huge deal, since most of the fighting took place in corridors. Most of the strategy was getting people to the fight, not micromanaging them.

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Won't somebody please think of the helicopters?!

And the blatant disregard of all the hard work of the men and women of the world's crate manufacturers! It all exploitation of the working folk.