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The only thing that really irks me about the Crew is their wanton use of "broken" or "busted." Often times they call a game broken or the mechanics busted when what they really mean are "poor" or "bad." Calling a game broken implies that it is inoperable, or that it doesn't work as intended. That is not the same thing as bad.

The most recent example is their discussion of stealth games. They don't like 3D stealth, but that doesn't mean the games are broken.

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I find people are simply repeating points and saying the gameplay is good without justification. I feel as if there's more ego stroking in this thread then real discussion about the game.

I also don't think my point is understood. In general I like the game, I enjoy my time spent in the game. My issue is that a game so intently focused on the gameplay mechanic of melee combat is so lacking in complexity. Yes there are other classes, but am I suppose to play the game with every single class? Yes there are other weapons, but am I suppose to be built to use all weapons? Do I have enough materials to upgrade multiple weapons? I have no issue with the weight or speed of combat, never said I did. To me a game so intently focused on the basic combat of each encounter lacks depth to make it interesting. If you want to make a game merciless, have the enemies learn, allow full directional blocking, allow you to pick the two action types per weapon or preferably increase the number of actions, why not have multi hit-boxes for each limb(s) that you can strategically strike? Relying on puzzle combat seems like a cop out in this day an age, and making the puzzle more difficult through random mechanics instead of developing in-depth combat mechanics is sloppy.

Why is weapon action type arbitrarily tied to weapons?

Why does the AI never learn from its mistakes?

Why do mob attacks go through corners of structures?

Why do I have to stand on stairs to chop at feet?

Why can't I swing above me to hit a floating enemy?

Why is there a lock on system?

Why is every solution to mini-bosses circle strafe?

Why are all hit-boxes larger then the models?

Why am I tired of doing the same combo for every trash mob?

Why does a giant spinning enemy blade go through other enemy mobs?

Why does the game magically let me kite mobs one by one within the same line of sight?

Why do I magically teleport into an enemies grab animation being outside the models reach?

Why is rolling/backstep the only type of dodge for every class?

Why is slow walking in leather stealth?

I feel as if the developer for this game wasn't stuck in some time bubble of game development, it has enough interesting parts to be an amazing game. I see what three dudes in a living room are working on, then look at From Software a company that's been around for ages in game studio terms with slight disappointment. I'm convinced figuring out the part that makes Dark Souls, Darks Souls was blind luck ,and stagnate practices. As an owner of most of From's catalog I can testify they've never had an original idea to date. Keep the old school parts like the unforgiving nature of the game, but inject some modern industry developments.

At least speaking for myself and my personal experiences with talking to other people about the Souls series, you are in the Depression stage. First there's Denial (It's not that hard, I just got careless), then Anger (I rolled! That was bullshit!), then Bargaining (This game would be so much better if I could only...), and now Depression, or "Why did they make it like this?" Everyone that I have talked to, both in person and on the internet, that kept with the game eventually reached Acceptance, but the key is that you have to keep at it.

Where are you, might I ask? Because for most people it's not until Anor Londo that the game starts to "click" for most people.

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@redbliss said:

I watched Twin Peaks through maybe the first and second episodes, and it is a terrible show. It felt like the Deadly Premonition of TV.

That's because Deadly Premonition is the Twin Peaks of video games. If you don't like one, you aren't going to like the other.

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@Ravenlight said:

Scorpion in my Saint's Row? It's more likely than you think!

I want Killbane in my Mortal Kombat.

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Yeah, I recently went though my collection and started taking games out because I've finally accepted that I'll never play them (mostly PS1 rpgs). Unlike you, though, I found it to be a liberating experience.

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In cases where gender is (at least mostly) inconsequential, I always flip a coin. Though these days it seems to be coming up female more than male.

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The best barometer I can think of for if a person will like a Souls game is the the jump arc and knock-back in original Castlevania. If you think those things are bullshit, then you most likely aren't going to enjoy a Souls game.

It's Proactivity versus Reactivity.

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Just as a heads up, the online (at least on PSN) is region locked.

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@Beaudacious said:

In Dark Souls I never feel as if I'm struggling with the mechanic placed in front of me, more so my Avatar doing what I want it to do. Then when I do get my avatar under control and accomplish the task I don't feel nearly as rewarded due to the fact that the mechanic was simple,but the gameplay was the only thing stopping me form accomplishing that goal.

I think that's kind of it. Souls games are not execution heavy games. They are all about knowing what your enemy is capable of and employing the exact right countermeasures. It took me to my second play though for this to click and now I'm at about half the level of my first character was at the same point.

I feel like it's also harder to appreciate Dark Souls without having at least played Demon's Souls first. The Bonfire and Estus systems, to me, encourage carelessness and remove much of the risk in doing anything, so the seams in the combat become more apparent.