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The return of Evil Cars.

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Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

Maybe the best fighting game ever made. At the very least, it's so fucking good.

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Not at this point. I still have my PS2 and Memory cards are a dime a dozen. I would trade my backwards compatibility for hard-drive space in a heartbeat, especially now that I have PS+.

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@devilzrule27 said:

I'm pretty sure they stopped making the $10 card/code.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure as well. You can still get a hold of them on some sites but you're not going to find any download codes.

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There's a difference between standing up for your creative rights as a producer of content and just biting the hand. I can't quite tell which this is.

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I'm motherfucking excited about you playing SS2. Also glad you got the mods figured out. If you're wondering if you should install the ADaoB patch, the answer is yes.

Eh, ADaoB is starting to get beyond just fixing some of the bugs and exploits and is slowly turning into something more than just rectifying anomalies, discrepancies, and bugs. I mean, it's not SecMod, but completely vanilla SS2 is fine for a first run.

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Also if you're wondering why SS2 hasn't been released on GoG or Steam, apparently the ip rights issues are totally fucked. There might be a local insurance company or something that owns part of the rights.

EA owned the rights to the name "System Shock" right but abandoned them on 2007, and an insurance company now owns the rights to the name. SHODAN and the rest of the meat of the IP is still up in the air.

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System Shock 2. Pleas do video. Actually, don't, because it'll probably cause me to literally tear my hair out.

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I think it all depends on what you personally find scary. There is a limited number of horror games, but a tremendous amount of horror movies covering a vast number of subjects, so the likelihood of a film touching a nerve is far more likely.