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baloney.  You can call me a noob but I base my assertions on observations that aren't of my own play.  I started playing zerg, except I favored the infestor.  I'd joke to myself that even though I played zerg, it was still terran winning my games for me.  They really are OP.  *ahem*.   
A problem arose, however, when I noticed that if you want to rush to a teir 2 unit such as the infestor or muta, there is a giant gaping window opened in which the protoss or terran player, perfectly capable of defending themselves or being agressive with their tier 1/1.5 units, can punish the zerg for having to tech.  Zerglings alone aren't enough to stop the MM ball, and a tech to roaches slows down and dilutes the focus on the muti/infestor rush.  
Terran and Protoss both have nice fancy extras; the command center, chrono-boost, bunkers, planetary fortresses, the warp-in.  Things that enhance the effectiveness of each race and make them stronger.  The zerg are bound, they are required to work harder to spread creep and inject larvae.  These are not things by which the zerg increase their abilities with choice, they are fundamentally necessary in order to even compete.   
There is nothing funnier than crawling into an opponent's base with a dozen infestors and wiping out their mineral line before they even know they're under attack, but it's just not worth it to me to play against lesser opponents just to have the opportunity to do.  I hope Zerg gets balanced soon, because they really would be my race of preference, were all things truly equal.
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pfft, more like thus begins the descent to silver.  lol
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The problem is that zerg requires more to do less.  You label it as reactionary, I would desribe it as a limitation imposed by being coerced into playing defensively because their opening options are so limited.  What does a zerg who wants to be aggressive early have at their disposal?  6 pool doesn't work because zerglings are underpowered, Roach Rush doesn't work because they're too damn slow.  That's tier 1 right out the window.   
Contrast that with Terran.  I've seen Terran win games with nothing more than mass marines and marauders.  Probably happens quite often, as a matter of fact.  Could you imagine as Zerg, being able to win a game by merely massing zerglings and roaches?  Inconcievable!  That's only one aspect of the difference between the races. 
One of the terran's main advantages is simply utility.  They've got more things, that can do more stuff, and that gives them more options, makes them more unpredictable and therefore dangerous.  The command center, just that one building, can get you instantly out of supply lock, can instantly give you vision to anywhere on the map, and can instantly summon a 6-worker equivalent super worker to saturate a mineral line.  That's just one thing.  They've also got stealth air units, stealth ground units capable of high burst damage, ravens with hunter/seekers, PDD, and stealth detection, not to mentions dropships that also double as medics.  Zergs dropships are only capable of crapping goo.  There's quite a disparity there. 
Believe me, I would love to play as Zerg.  I wanted to initially, and still do, but I refuse to handicap myself because of preference in that way.  At least Protoss has the capability to keep up with the Terran, but as far as I'm concerened, they both leave zerg in the dust.
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I would like to inform all of those interested that this complete noob to RTS games, Starcraft, and PC gamining in general has just placed into the platinum 1v1 league.  Pretty cool for me, huh?  Why don't I throw myself a parade?  
Anyway, the sordid tale unfolds this way.  I beat a terran then lose to a terran.  Realizing that if I had rushed collossus and made a push before expanding I would have won, I then decimate my remaning terran and zerg opponents.  Spoiler:  my only real experience with the game is by watching hundreds upon hundreds of shoutcasts on youtube.  Who knew having so much free time would ever pay off? 
Please enter your congratulatory or derisive comments below.

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The zerg are underwhelming.  Just too predictable and inefficient.  There's a big part of me that wanted to play zerg that still exists but I won't put myself at an obvious disadvantage until something gets fixed.  The consumption of drones for buildings, queen macro demands, and unit variety makes zerg seem crippled, almost.  i haven't been playing that long but have enough  experience with games to be able to see imbalances in metagames, especially as unbalanced as SC2's is.
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Yes, and it must either be extremely cheap or non-functional.  A surge protector is supposed to automatically switch off when too much current goes through it, right?  Well that obviously isn't happening.  I'm going to look into getting a PSU, or continual power supply (in case I got the acronym wrong) because I don't think the current in my house in that steady.  I'm always seeing light bulbs flicker and stuff like that.
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I tried doing that.  I'm pretty sure it was a fried port.  I heard a cracking, sizzling sound after I had turned everything off.  It took me a couple tries before I could get the display to even output properly afterward.  I'll replace the port eventually, and from now on I'm not taking any chances.  At the first sound of a thunderstorm, I'll be turning off all my electronics and unplugging everything. 
My stereo got hit too.  It won't turn off, instead it cycles though all it's different modes when you hit the power button, like it's been reset to store display mode. 
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The wireless solution was the fix, everybody can stop worrying now.  I didn't know you could replace an ethernet port, I'll look into doing that for a better, more permanent solution. 
As for now though, I can hook up both my computers to surf the internet while simultaneously being on Xbox Live.  I feel like Lanmower Man, 
And I'm off to play LoL like a crack fiend getting his hourly fix.
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Well, I've decided to go with a work-around and set up a wireless network.  Why solve a problem you can just avoid, right?
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I had an electrical storm earlier today in which I lost power while playing online.  Six hours later, when the power returned, My computer would no longer connect to the Internet.  The Ethernet light on my modem would be on when not connected to anything, than go off when I hooked it up.  Thinking the problem was my modem, I went and bought a new one.  Still nothing, so I hooked the cord up to my laptop and then realized how serious the situation was.  The connection worked for my laptop, even using my old modem I had thought was broken. 
So several hours later, after googling myself half-crazy, I still can't find the solution.  When I try to troubleshoot my connection, Windows tells me it does not detect a properly installed network adapter, and that I will need to re-install the driver.  Windows could not find a driver for your network adapter.  I've tried to re-install the drivers using the discs that came with my motherboard kit from the manufacturer, which I have not had to use until today, but it did nothing.  When I first got my computer, I didn't have to install any drivers that I remember, my internet connection worked from the very start with no extra installations, which is what is confusing me.   
Is it possible for a lightning storm to fry your computer's ethernet port?  Would restoring my computer to sometime yesterday possibly fix the problem?  Do I reinstall Windows 7?  I'm really at a loss here, and you all are my last hope before I bring my computer into a shop to try to get it fixed.  Everything else seems to be normal, but it is as though my ethernet port doesn't exist.  Please help.