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I would say play the story missions on hard. That's what I ended up doing...

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Don't feel bad. There are still people out there that still haven't even played it!

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I'm disappointed that this has nothing to do with Blacksite: Area 51 :(

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It's about a 3.5 for me. I enjoy the gunplay and the PVP but the plot is so throwaway. I've paid $60 for worse games than this so I don't fully regret my purchase.

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Sent a request to the main group and the western one

Bungie/PSN: Solh0und

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Random name generators never let me down. I usually default to "Atlas" for male characters though.

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Brink and Saints Row IV are two that definitely come to mind.

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Awesome. I can dye my Chocobo red now!

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I was thinking of doing a private endless lobby in the near future. Anyone interested?

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I tried the open beta with BlazBlue Calamity Trigger and I could do some combos. I did notice some input lag around the time of start-up but it got a bit better after. I would use it again if they have a subscription model but I wouldn't use it for the current prices.

How was ranked matches? if you could find any at all