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Still too much for the nothing it is.

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Spyro the Dragon has always been a favorite of mine.

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I have played plenty of Uncharted 3 online, but I never truly got into Gears, given I haven't played it in so long, but it's genre didn't fit the 360 controller for me. So I am clearly going with Uncharted, but yeah, it's up to your preference.

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I imagine that Hideo Kojima could write a better blog post ranting about something than you can. Want to criticize his writing, make sure that yours doesn't contain a massive amount of errors first.

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I'm using the Airbrush theme, with a picture I took in Uncharted 2. I used to have the Dynamic Journey theme, but my games wouldn't start, and I took it off, then they stopped having problems. Perhaps just a coincidence, but I won't return to dynamics.

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I know what day I will not tune in!

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Laziest port? You should try Splinter Cell: Double Agent for PS3. Any surprise that we're both complaining about UbiSoft games?

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@Dad_Is_A_Zombie said:

Not a big deal. Exclusivity is dead and gone. As soon as a developer gets the chance to break free and sell their games on multiple platforms, they will. Just ask Sony, who will add ThatGameCompany to their list of defectors soon enough.

Who else is on that list though? I can only really think of Insomniac in terms of being a company that was a hardcore exclusive. I am sure there are others, but who?

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Anyone ever listen to Spyro tracks?

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What can I say? He's a fat, good-for-nothing freeloader that just wishes he could be more like his friends. The only award he's ever received was praising how lazy he is... Oh, you mean Giant Bomb Patrick, not SpongeBob? No comment.