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Bull shit! lets all remember the Kinect proof of concept video

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Slewwwww dem

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has to be die hard 3 or the raid 2

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OOT was a true masterpiece, I wish to experience something like that again it was just extraordinary for the time. The 8.8 drama, ratchet and clank TOD & LIAR game for ps3 flopping was the most unbelievable responses I have seen and SW flipping out in gamespot history. Good times forums where a good laugh.

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This whole issue is a bunch of BS the threat of western masculinity? What threat obviously you feel inadequate as a man to have any form of criticism affect you in such a way to threaten other people who you don't agree with it. Ive always seen these trolls as butthurt teens who have never got over recjection from a girl in their life or never got the girl they always wanted but take it out on women due to their God gift complex. If it wasnt to late I wish I did my sociology dissertation on this now because it is quite frankly absurd. Grow up not all women will like you, you will get over you heart being broke and you will be happy again dont let hate consume

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Ok now I am interested in Destiny FPS raiding content that is not similar to the strikes, GB clan?

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Game of the generation for me thanks alex great list.

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This puts GOTY up for real contention. Nice list jeff

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Thanks brad also as someone as terrible at games as you are how did you finish TLOU on hard?

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thanks vinny!