My Problem with Mass Effect 2

I've been wanting to write about my issues and grievances with Mass Effect 2 for quite some time, it seems to me everyone is so in love with the game, and rightfully so i should say. Well maybe i should start with this, Mass Effect 2 is easily the best game of 2010 so far, between the dramatic story the vastly improved combat, to characters that make some real life actors skills seem like junk in their ability to convey emotions. 
But on to the main reason im writing this, i feel that for a game that was touted as the "dark second chapter", things can end up pretty damn tidy, now im not saying that Bioware failed, because in all honesty i cant think of a way to make the story darker, or pack a more emotional punch, but i feel like even when things do get bad, maybe not story wise but within a character relationship it seems way to easy to patch it up, and then go on as if it never happened.
Take the fight between Miranda and Jack, at first i was forced to choose and the other character (Jack in my case) quickly fell out of loyalty with me, which to me seemed justified, but 2 hrs later i went down to speak to her and was able to clear that all up. This seems to counter against what Bioware had been saying, with all of your actions have consequences and dealing with those consequences are part of the mission, well not if i can say 3 lines of dialogue and everything is a.OK again.  
This extends to the survivability of the individual characters in the final mission on the Collector Ship/ Base, survivability came down to picking the right choice in a multiple choice question, WHAT, when asked who i would send in the vents i choose Legion figuring he would not be affected by the gas in the vents, but a friend of mine picked Jacob because he voluntered, and so Jacob takes one in the head. This entire system seems counter-intuitive to all the loyalty missions that you do through out the game, since if a character is not in Bioware's eyes the right choice, that character will not survive. 
Also the whole happy ending seems to go against the suicide mission vibe, how can absolutely everyone survive the ship not be destroyed all the characters loyal to you, and the threat to the galaxy stopped (for now). Somebody should have died, i strongly believe Shepard should have gone in with "red shirts" (Star Trek) or cannon fodder, to make it seems like this mission really was extremely dangerous and to add more chaos to the mission. Instead everyone who goes in can come out, granted after making the right decision but still.
Sorry about the rant, just felt like i needed to vent on the issues since people tend to cling to the good and ignore the bad, which should never be the case, as Amazing as Mass Effect 2 is, there are issues and people need to be aware of them to make sure Bioware catches on and  hopefully learn from the mistakes.


Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo

I've been looking forward to this game for a while now, I've played the challenge levels they have set up at the local Best Buy and EB Games but i began playing the PS3 demo of the game, which im glad to say is actually the first 30 min. of the game. And well, i feels a little quick paced, maybe its the beginning or just the fact that its a demo. but it seems like its rushed into the action and exploring and no in a good way, it feels like your jumping unto a moving train, stuff is already happening and you've just arrived. IDK, maybe im just paranoid, but i hate to day this but ... its a bit of a letdown, still have to wait for the full game, but it seems like at least story wise, its a littel lacking.
What do you think, thanks, any questions about the demo, ill be happy to answer those who havent played yet


JRPG Addiction

I don't know what came over me, but i bought Lost Odyssey, Infinite Undiscovery, and The Last Remnant. I just wanted to know from people who have played any of them, what i should expect, NO SPOILERS, but game play and overall experience opinions are more than welcome, THNKS 


Twitter WTF !!!

WTF, is with Twitter i mean seriously, its just a glorified status update, how come it seems to be the biggest source of information on anything games, movies, etc.
Now the 360 is gonna get Twitter support, come on people, I am taking it upon myself to start a revolution, to stop using twitter as a way to announce games or features in games. If they are trying to reach their audience by using something that us "kids" are into. Uhhhh it just pisses me off.


Alan Wake Worries

Finally Alan Wake, its finally really coming out... but,, does anyone have a weird Alone in the Dark look to it, i know Remedy wont make a game so buggy and shitty but, damn it looks very similar, tell me what u think.


Giantbomb Totally Quoted

I was downloading the demo for Crash Commando on PS3, when i booted it up, it started with a montage of review quotes from the usual IGN, Gamespot, but i was surprised to see the Best of the Best up their too, Jeff's review of Crash Commando was quoted and, i gave me a great feeling to see that, anytime Giantbomb (the greatest videogame website... about videogames) can get touted out so publicly, is just awsome... check it out


New Game from Team ICO

Ok, so i saw the video i little while ago and i have to say... WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING

I am a huge fans of the guys over at Team ICO, they are extremely talented and frankly one of the few, actually uniquely creative developers out there. Both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are brilliant bith capture a artistic design not seen enough in games these days, in a market where another Gears clone is vastly overdone its refreshing to have peope still maing such unique and diffearnt game, but this new game of theirs sure is strange.

I dont know what they are going for, i understand its leaked footage and that its was intended for internal testing, but the graphics dont seem to match, the enviroments look photo-realistic, but both the boy and the... the... rat-dog-eagle thing stick out way to much and dont seem to belong to where they are (maybe that the point) it seems like they are combing aspects of their previous games less action oriented (your a kid, i doubt ull kill anyone) and giant monsters (ra-o-gle).
Why not just make a Shadow of the Colossus 2, how amazing would it have been to create creatures 10 times the size of the previous colossi and make them 100 times more detailed the power of the PS3 could pull off these massive feats.

Needless to say my expections for Team Ico's new game, isnt very high, their lucky they made 1 of my all time favotire games (Shadow of the Colossus), i will at least have some optimism.