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Good luck man, currently living on my parents property and would have a real hard time if something happened to them. Can't afford a ton, but I hope what little I can give helps.

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I had totally given up on it, neat to see it coming.

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Having played Yakuza 2 first, it was just real hard for me to go back to the first one. But I usually have the same issue with anime too, whatever language I hear it in first usually causes the dub or subtitle version afterward to be less enjoyable.

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already bought one, and just bought a pro controller for it too.

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They kept firing people at 1up and eventually I heard one of those people say how great the bombcast was, listened and been here ever since.

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Save those materials, you're gonna need them to level fancy guns and armor.

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Finally platinum is worth something

enjoy (North America)

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There will eventually be a pc version, but I don't care I get to play it next week

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happy I held off buying an xl

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I'm sure people who really want a kinect can just buy one from many of the people who bought the xbox early and don't use theirs.