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saw it while in high school, found it boring.

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Looks to me that it's just saying that if their new model holds true then singularities don't exist (like that which is described before big bang) and that by that logic the age of universe is unrestricted. Also that dark energy/matter doesn't exist as it is corrected for. As for expansion, that may still exist just not from a singularity. The most interesting to aspect to me is the reinvention of a concept close to ether, which was thought to convey light, but in this case conveys gravity. Like all theories, this requires further study and testing, thanks for the links.

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Try the recruiting chat channel as well as making your sessions open to public for those hard missions. Hit me up if you see me online and need help. Good luck, it's a neat game once you make it past the rough start.

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Good luck Patrick, we wish you well.

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Good luck man, currently living on my parents property and would have a real hard time if something happened to them. Can't afford a ton, but I hope what little I can give helps.

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I had totally given up on it, neat to see it coming.

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Having played Yakuza 2 first, it was just real hard for me to go back to the first one. But I usually have the same issue with anime too, whatever language I hear it in first usually causes the dub or subtitle version afterward to be less enjoyable.

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already bought one, and just bought a pro controller for it too.

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They kept firing people at 1up and eventually I heard one of those people say how great the bombcast was, listened and been here ever since.

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Save those materials, you're gonna need them to level fancy guns and armor.