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They kept firing people at 1up and eventually I heard one of those people say how great the bombcast was, listened and been here ever since.

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Save those materials, you're gonna need them to level fancy guns and armor.

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Finally platinum is worth something

enjoy (North America)

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There will eventually be a pc version, but I don't care I get to play it next week

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happy I held off buying an xl

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I'm sure people who really want a kinect can just buy one from many of the people who bought the xbox early and don't use theirs.

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Starcraft Ghost, let me use a sniper rifle while hanging upside down.

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Destiny seems like it will be much prettier than borderlands so going solo might be okay if you like exploring, but like all the Halo games before, I'm pretty sure Destiny will be much more fun in co-op.

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Never played the games but doesn't the crazy hellscape stuff keep itself limited to just the silent hill town, if so that universe would be safer as long as you go nowhere near that place, whereas in the RE universe zombies and monsters can be wherever some mega corporation decides to put down a research lab.

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To me Binary Domain was super close to being an awesome game, but lots a things kept dragging it down. Overall happy to have played it, but even after it got added to ps+ I still have a hard time getting past the awful start before you have gun upgrades and can actually hit what you're aiming at. Also who thought putting the old walking with finger in ear bit (ala gears of war) would be better if the npcs RUN past you telling you to hurry up. But for $5 go for it, if just to see the crazy ending.