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More than a simple hack and slash 0

Devil May Cry 3 is an action adventure game, with the focus clearly being on the action. From the start you’ll realise that this is no ordinary ‘hack and slash’ game, but an inspiring experience that will certainly leave you desperate for more. The developers of Devil May Cry successfully began the series in 2001. The original Devil May Cry was one of the first essential games for the Playstation 2, combining free-flowing gameplay and excellent graphics. Despite the initial euphoria, the ...

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An excellent addition to an already brilliant series 0

The Metal Gear Solid series is, and will always be, one of the most memorable and recognisable gaming franchise ever. When Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear Solid, first released the original on the Playstation 1, it was a huge success. However, this was nothing compared to the second instalment, helped a lot by the new power of the Playstation 2. ‘Sons of Liberty' took the gaming world by storm, and was considered to be a game that was near perfect. There was no arguing that ‘Snake...

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If persisted with, The Legend of Heroes is a rewarding experience 0

The Playstation Portable, cherished by some, and hated by many, had never attempted to please fans of RPGs; until now. ‘The Legend of Heroes' is the first role playing game to grace the screens of PSPs across the globe, and while it does it's job, it's far from perfect. The idea of having an epic RPG in your pocket is mouth watering, and although The LoH is just that, it sadly wont impress many. Everything that you would come to expect from an RPG is noticeable within the game, but there ...

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