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I'd love and invite if anyone could send one, really interested in seeing the backwards compatibility stuff. Thanks!

GT: Solidwolf52

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Russ Frushtick would be fun. I hear New York giraffe is looking for work.

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@ottoman673: You have a chance at getting a treasure key as a drop in the PoE or from the Ether chests from the pack of wolves events. You need a key to open the big chest at the end of PoE. You do not need a key to get the armor or weapon core drops, those are on the typical weekly reset i believe.

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@thenine: It should actually make it easier for you to level as new regular legendary gear should be able to get you to 32.

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@itwastuesday: Try a service like /r/fireteams or to find groups. You may even be able to find people willing to carry you through normal VOG at your level or Croata once you're 27. Getting rep and marks is a good way to level early on if raiding isn't an option. Getting an exotic from the weekend vendor Xur is also a good way to boost your light. I think he normally charges 13 strange coins for a piece of armor, coins can be gotten from blue engrams, strike/ crucible drops and the weekly/nightfall.

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There will not be.

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Sad to see him go. Always enjoyed his longer form editorials. Best of luck Scoops.

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I used to always read Gamespot reviews and Jeff was one of my favorite reviewers as I thought he was tough but fair generally. I remember feeling pretty betrayed by Jeff's firing and kinda lost faith in Gamespot. A little while later I remember thinking, I wonder what Jeff's up to these days and fell in love with GB, particularly the quick look format.

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Last month I bought one of those 27 Inch Dell IPSs that WireCutter is recommending. It wasn't cheap but I have no regrets. Looks great and has a high build quality.

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Hey Duders and Dudettes,

The past few days i have been trying to think of a way to best honor Ryan, an man who brought many of us nothing but joy. I thought it would be nice to find a charity or cause that Ryan felt particularly strong about and donate. I reached out to Anna on Twitter to ask if there were any causes he had supported.

I thought it would be nice if we, as a community, could help out these causes in any way that we can. Let's do something positive in memory of a man we loved!

If anyone would like to suggest another cause, or knows of any international causes of a similar nature please let me know and I will add it to the list.

I hope some of you will decide to join me in this endeavor!