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Throwing my hat in the bingo hopper.

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One of like five games that made me think about buying a PS3. Not a bad day at all.

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1979 will always be 25 years ago.

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There aren't many specific food items that I hate. Right now I can only think of Brussels sprouts and pickled fish.

But there's an entire group of foods out there that has no reason to exist.

Spicy. Fucking. Food.

Maybe it's not all that weird, but I avoid spicy food if at all possible. I mean anything spicier than a very mild salsa. I don't care how good your food is supposed to be, if there's even the slightest burning sensation involved, it belongs in the garbage. Spiciness ruins food completely by overpowering any flavors that I might enjoy, and every single spicy dish I've ever tried would have been so much better without the pain. I'm not saying bland food is the way to go. I season my food liberally and use herbs all the time, because I like tasty things. It's just that spiciness is not a flavor, it's a pain response, and that's a ridiculous thing to want from your food.

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I was just thinking there must be a forum thread addressing this sensational amount of content. Things are looking beautiful. New things are showing up almost errday and I can't even watch all of them. I don't remember this being the case since, well, since Ryan was around, and this seems like a lot even compared to those times.

@darson said:

At this rate there will be complaints that there is too much content coming out and subscribers will threaten to unsubscribe because there is too much equally free content.

I remember there being complaints about over-long Quick Looks taking up too much of people's time, so I wouldn't put it past the Giant Bomb community to find something to bitch about in this situation.

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Well this Eagle Rare isn't going to drink itself.

To Papa Bear. You were the best.

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I already have the metric amounts for most imperial units memorized, so I'm doing fine with metric over here. Never really felt like I was missing something by restricting myself to base 10. Sometimes American food sites like to make life difficult though. Their unit conversions assume metric people don't use ANY non-metric units, so something extremely simple like a tablespoon gets converted to milliliters. We're not robots, dammit.

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Well that Jenn Frank piece was worth reading all right. Sometimes I too mull over these Proustian thoughts about memories: how they fade and distort over time and how that picture of reality gets slowly replaced by symbols.

It's moving how fiercely she protects her memories. I'm just learning to protect mine, but I've already made the huge mistake of going back to certain childhood places. Now most of those memories happen in a weird mix of the old and new versions of the places that never existed. Relieving nostalgia is almost never worth the tradeoff.

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Happens to me too from time to time and it's super annoying. I like a pretty high cursor speed, and sometimes I just mouse around and click too fast to avoid a surprise drop-down menu. My email did this too for a while and I was regularly taken to sports news or whatever. I understand that a lot of people switch tabs with their keyboard, but I still think there shouldn't be automatic stuff like this popping up along the path from the tab bar to stuff that people are most likely to want to click on. Or maybe put a slight delay on the buttons so you can pass your cursor over them without triggering the menus.