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Well this Eagle Rare isn't going to drink itself.

To Papa Bear. You were the best.

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I already have the metric amounts for most imperial units memorized, so I'm doing fine with metric over here. Never really felt like I was missing something by restricting myself to base 10. Sometimes American food sites like to make life difficult though. Their unit conversions assume metric people don't use ANY non-metric units, so something extremely simple like a tablespoon gets converted to milliliters. We're not robots, dammit.

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Well that Jenn Frank piece was worth reading all right. Sometimes I too mull over these Proustian thoughts about memories: how they fade and distort over time and how that picture of reality gets slowly replaced by symbols.

It's moving how fiercely she protects her memories. I'm just learning to protect mine, but I've already made the huge mistake of going back to certain childhood places. Now most of those memories happen in a weird mix of the old and new versions of the places that never existed. Relieving nostalgia is almost never worth the tradeoff.

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Happens to me too from time to time and it's super annoying. I like a pretty high cursor speed, and sometimes I just mouse around and click too fast to avoid a surprise drop-down menu. My email did this too for a while and I was regularly taken to sports news or whatever. I understand that a lot of people switch tabs with their keyboard, but I still think there shouldn't be automatic stuff like this popping up along the path from the tab bar to stuff that people are most likely to want to click on. Or maybe put a slight delay on the buttons so you can pass your cursor over them without triggering the menus.

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Well, would you look at that!

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@animasta said:

So, uh, David De Gea starts next match, right?

I can't imagine they use Casillas after that.

Eh, I think Casillas should still be their first choice. 4-1 was truly awful, but the other goals you can't really pin on him. I would have a long talk with him though. He looked pretty rattled after the match.

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@animasta said:

Guys I think Holland won the game

Don't jinx it!

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Ok, this is just sad now.

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"We are excited for Mark and the Facebook team to deliver us literal trucks full of money", said Brendan Iribe, co-founder and CEO of Oculus VR. "We believe our lives will be heavily defined by expensive experiences that require us to spend money in magical, new ways. It's a transformative and disruptive amount of money that enables us to experience the impossible, and it's only just the beginning."

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I don't remember a rape attempt. Was it the surprise dude in the cave? That was more like a serial strangler.