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@Dizzyhippos said:

@WhiteBrightKnight said:

Dendi's Pudge is OP. People are even banning it out against him now. Also, the tiny/wisp combo that I've seen (mostly from the Chinese teams) is absolutely DEVASTATING late game. I think iG has impressed me more than LGD, and complexity has kinda hit their stride so wouldn't be surprised to see them in it late.

again not to rain on anyone's parade but best of 1 games anything can happen, call me when LGD takes 2 of 3 from Navi or DK. Althought I do find it gratifying that mTw cant win to save there lives without there bullshit in game coach, hard to win when its fair huh.

You did NOT just call synderen bullshit!!

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This is why i love the internent. Power by numbers in action.

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well im up for whatever. was just about to do a post about creating a group when i saw this post ^^

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Ehm yea...oki
That skybox
Pro planking
Maby one of the best quests in game??
Not intimidating at all
That skybox part 2
Burning the king
Trees indoor?? PLASPHEMY
That skybox part 3
Marrige is sacred?
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46. Rasism is not a good thing, unless its against elves, then its just fine.

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this game is gonna take forevver for me to finish. cant put it down and i have to go into every cave i see on the way to a quest. i think i have some kind of disease.

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22. Even though they warn you for the traps the same npc will walk into them afterwards.

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