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My PSN is NotSolutha, I'm down for anything. Mostly do Strikes and Control Point/Skirmish. Add me if you like, have mic.

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Sent a request for NA East, PSN: NotSolutha

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Wil probably start adding tomorrow, just realized I saw this thread and never posted.

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PS Triple boi, names NotSolutha. hmu

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My top favorites are Gondar and Slardar. Followed closely by Tinker and then Necrolyte.

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Damn, no more Jeff and Ryan quick looks of shitty kinect games.

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@milkman said:

I think a re-issue of "FUCK RYAN DAVIS" with all the proceeds going to a charity of some kind would be appropriate.

This would be fantastic.

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Hey everyone it's Tuesday, and you're listening to the Giant Bombcast!

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I hope they do some in house games.

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