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I probably would have never picked up Battlefield: Hardline, but now with the delay I might if it comes out at a time when there are not many other games.

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When I buy a game I play it to completion, then buy the next game I want to play.

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  • Grand Theft Auto V's 3 protagonist thing sucked and the game overall was very underwhelming
  • Break Bad isn't that great

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Maybe if it reviews well and has a platinum trophy.

It does , but doesn't seem easy .

So it does. I wish these smaller games had somewhat easier platinums that more or less just requires beating the game. This way I'd have more incentive to play them. I know some people will call this dumb but trophies can be a factor in if I decide to play a game. I'd rather not have to spend many hours and replaying these smaller games over and over.

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Maybe if it reviews well and has a platinum trophy.

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Maaaaan this game is never coming out. I can't wait to see the E3 2016 trailer!

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Vinny just needs to be on Bombin'. Make it 90-minutes if they have to.

Yeah I agree to this. If they had one more person in NY a proper podcast with Vinny, Alex and a third person would be great. I think I remember Jeff or someone saying they really don't like to use skype or google voice for podcasts. But if they are going to add Vinny to Bombin' it should be the 3 of them, not just 2 at a time.

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If there are trophies attached to the difficulty levels then I'll choose the highest one. Which is most games. Sometimes though, it's so refreshing when a game doesn't make you play on the hardest difficulty to get all the trophies. Like Far Cry 3 was a good example. I hope Far Cry 4 and more games do this. Stop tying trophies to difficulty levels.

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This kickstarter got me thinking. I'm now wondering if I can make a successful kickstarter for getting my tattoos removed. I think it's a more of a reasonable idea than potato salad for crowd funding

I'm seriously considering this.