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Hold on, I don't know if your Canadian or not but I live in Canada. Toronto to be specific. And I will say the majority of people really don't care about this guy or what he does he is definitely not "Canada's greatest national treasure" however sarcastic you may be. I'm sick of hearing about this guy I could give a flying fuck about it. I also know many people who are unaware of the events or just don't care that much. He has done a relitivly okay job as mayor. The city still functions and that's what I need it to do so good day.

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Fuck not this shit again.

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If your still doing this I will pm you.

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Disappointed it is not Fallout 4. Disappointed it is not Fallout 4. Disappointed it is not Fallout 4. Threes the right amount but one more because 4. Disappointed it is not Fallout 4.

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@Sooty said:

@Oldirtybearon said:

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@Bourbon_Warrior said:

Maybe because the past Devil May Cry's combat has been terrible, shoot guys up in the air, hit them a few times, repeat.

Oh c'mon... Calling the previous games' combat terrible and reducing it to ''shoot guys up in the air and hit them a few times'' is just as bad as all of the seething, irrational hatred this game has gotten.

Unless you're just trollbaiting, then shame on you.

He's kinda right, though. That's generally what people do in DMC games. Juggle, shoot, attack a bit, dodge, juggle, shoot, attack a bit, dodge.

Just because most people do that means shit all, check out this gal:

Most people mash on fighting games. So what? Doesn't mean they have bad systems in place.

You people are ignoring so many strong arguments for why the "old" DMCs are good. Please stop doing that at at least try to debate on a factual level. Its really really not just OMG THEY CHANGED THE HAIR MEHHHHHHHHHHHH I DON'T WANT TO PLAY DmC NOW

Edit: The quote directly above me with the videos is a strong argument if you don't understand what I am trying to say.

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OMG THAT IS IT THANK YOU can't believe I was playing a bungie game from so long ago.

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I played this WAYYYY long ago when I was maybe 3-5 years old but it scared me so much back then. You played as an explorer I assume going through a pyramid, starting out with a pistol. What I can compare it to nowadays is in the doom style or original wolfenstein. It had some bodyless enemy with legs and tentacles or something IT WAS SCARY. Please help because I want to conquer this game and put my fears from my childhood to rest.

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Anyone who wants to throw me a bone and give me a FOTUS armor code that came with limited edition xbox that would be real swell.

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Like 15 mins in and this is gonna take some getting used to....the character models look they're redesigns..and why does desmond not have the scar?

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Walking dead it is!

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