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At least allow bots. I fucking hate multiplayer only games that don't offer split screen and/or bots.

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This looks really generic, both in terms of gameplay and graphically. Really disappointed.

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I thought you were going to talk about how the discs go on the left instead of the right, going against what every fucking other DVD case does


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Because nothing is ever normal when it comes to something Duke related, the original developers of Duke Nukem Forever, Duke 3D, Shadow Warrior, etc etc have been bought out and are now owned by Interceptor Entertainment. A Danish site first brought up the news but the CEO confirmed it here and a full press release will be made tomorrow.

This is actually pretty good news, because one thing 3DRealms never did (besides finish something this side of the millennium) was they never allowed fans to mod their stuff to other engines, like making Duke3D mods on the Source Engine for instance. The Duke Nukem IP is still owned by gearbox (maybe? there's a bunch of legal crap going on right now) but 3DRealms still has the rights to any Duke games before DNF. This includes my second favorite Duke game, Zero Hour, which I think could possibly get re-released or at least remade for modern consoles/PC.

Interceptor Entertainment might be a new company with only one game released, one game canceled, and another currently in limbo, but they seem to be more open to the community than both 3DRealms and Gearbox combined.

I welcome this change and only hope this means we could get a really really really really good Duke game again.

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Honestly, it wasn't all too hard on normal. I'm not good with a PS3 controller, I suck at games like Uncharted because I feel handicapped using one, but there was only maybe a total of 3 parts in Last of Us that were really difficult, and you got right back into it right after you died. There's some tense moments in it, and I think playing on easy might cheapen those moments.

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"Every review needs a witty comment! You need to step up GB!"

What is this, Thief The Snark Project?

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The one problem I had with the guns in Condemned were that it sometimes took all the ammo from a shotgun to down a guy but the next time it may only take one. It had such a random damage percentage I got to a point where I never picked up a gun because they weren't trustworthy.

But man I enjoy the hell out of the game. I wish the fighting from the second game was implemented into the first game, because I enjoyed its levels, characters, set pieces, etc etc way more than I did Bloodshot.

Also, Condemned 3 please. But go back to the more drugged up bums aspect of it and get away from the psychological nightmare dream bullshit.

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Resistance is pretty much cooked as well.

I'd think that The Darkness was done and done.

Mod Nation racing.

Those started and ended (?) last gen

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A new Timesplitters game, not counting the fan remake