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More than the classic 0

    Many years ago Final Fantasy Tactics hit stores for the PS1. For me this game was the shift from simple games like Crash Bandicoot to more difficult, and more interesting games. FFT was a one of a kind game for its time. It was a grid based, turn based, strategy game. Now with Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lion (FFT:WOTL) this game has just gotten better.    Two new character classes are now part of the mix, Dark Knight and Onion Knight. The Dark Knight is a one man team who dishes out l...

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Is this the Battlefield I once knew? 0

I was very fond of the Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 1942. To see that Battlefield 2142 moved into a time period that is in no way related to present day. Now this wouldn't be a big problem but then why 100 and some years in the future do people still use guns that fire bullets? I really thought when I saw mechs that I would get some cool automatic laser beam generator. Alas I was greeted by chrome painted guns with a green muzzle flash. Now don't get me wrong, the game does have lasers on anti-...

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