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When parents asked kids to be home in my youth it was because we'd actually stay out for that long, as childhood was massively outdoors. Despite C64, Amiga, NES and the gang I remember a god lot of fun time outdoors alone and with friends. Summers were outdoors adventures of bicycling, fishing, hunting, picking berries in beer-infested deep forests. Long-distance skiing for fun during winter. We'd get sweaty and tired because we liked it.

Then came nerve disease and put an end to the outdoors hobby which I liked so much, preferred walking for 25 minutes over buying an expensive bus ticket for downtown. Doing the numbers for a few minutes with waking hours as "life" it's 30% and going down. If I lived in an area where there'd be no green of nature to see or birds to hear out of any window I'd get depressed.

Get outdoors while you still can. Take your kids out. Get the habit of walking for the fresh air, leave your phones and devices at home and just live.

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You mean the western games industry? I'd continue playing my Japanese developed games that always give me the feeling of value for every last penny of my $60. You guys continue climbing towers in your reskinned western rehashes, I'm fine.

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To everybody beyond 21 and curious about this strong drink, here's Getting into whiskey for dummies according to another dummy (me):

  1. Experiment. Start with the cheapest and go up. Right now my fave in taste and experience is the cheapest one that can be had in Sweden ("CLUNY"), and I have to climb the price ladder high to get anything that works better for me. It's a personal thing, don't feel bad or shunned or take shit for drinking cheap, as long as it works for you!
  2. Use actual ice-cubes, stones are bunk.
  3. To get the most out of it, drink it like the kind of thing that's legal for medical use in some states: Keep it in the mouth for some 20 seconds before swallowing, let it heat your entire mouth up. Not recommended if you have an open wound in the gums or a hole in a tooth.

I know it's good when a single glass (of standard whiskey to glass amounts) is enough to get me feeling 100% right for an hour.

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Some wording makes it seem like this could have been THE new Banjo game, but Microsoft didn't act on time so they cut it, made it a new IP and took it to kickstarter.

(This was originally cancelled once? Then that would be it, its roots.)

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The genius thing is that it's just a watch. It's like a message to the industry making smartwatches, and consumers. What do you need and want in a watch, what do you think consumers need and want in a watch.

(Ordering mine later in May to wear with my suit & tie outfits.)

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If the PS3 wasn't having so many horrid HDMI ID issues with my capturing setup I'd be playing (and streaming) it more than the PS4. Unless you're allergic to lesser known games and Japanese games then it has a remarkable amount of games that aged well enough to look good next to the PS4, most with soul and gameplay lacking in current-gen games as we approach the second birthday six seven months from now.

If what's coming to the PS4 2015-2016 has you interested and you can only really choose one I'd say wait, and go PS4. It's a slow starter but it's looking so great.. for those of us into lesser known games and Japanese games, ie the ones into consoles because of those unique and properly exclusive experiences the PC won't get a taste of :/

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@somejerk: The Blue microphones are actually decent quality condensers. A Snowball is only $50. They're no where near the level of ripoff that Beats are.

They are because it's super-simple to make one. They get used in all the wrong ways and situations and positions, especially when they are the only reply when someone asks for a good mic for streaming, narrating youtube. GDQ marathons used to have one as their one microphone, they had to ask people in neighbouring rooms to be quiet, people in the back of the room had to be asked to stop talking. People using them for streaming and it's badunkdunkbadunk as they type and it's picking every little sound. Someone's in the kitchen doing the dishes, ears prepare for terror.

It's like Behringers consumer-level equipment. Cheap price, does its job, you just need to use it right with its limits. They had dynamic mics comparable to Shures overhyped (though justifiably great) SM series that lacked only in some frequency ranges, nothing an EQ couldn't take care of, you'd get three for the price of one of the Shure and they even looked the same.

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If I had bought a launch console not as an early investment and without acknowledging there'd be a good lack of games worth the $60 for 18-24 months, then I too would have considered selling it.

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If your room is nice and isolated and your computer, setup in general isn't loud, and you also use headphones, a large(ish) diaphragm condenser microphone will be an option. They come in many shapes, sizes and budgets, what they have in common is that they pick up ALL the sound, so it's likely going to hear keyboard vibrations if it's on the desk and turn those into painful hammering thumps. Recommended: Samson Go microphone.

Lapel mics is something you gotta hit craigslist for and even then be prepared to drop good digits at, then if they are wireless you need to make sure their frequencies are up to date, legit and also working in your area. While they "work" raw without treatment they most likely need plug-in-power to actually deliver sound, either via beltpack or separate special amplifier. Recommended: Going with used items

Dynamic microphones are simply the kind that look handheld, though some handheld-looking mics are condenser types (that require either a battery or a +48v Phantom Power supplement deal over the XLR cable). These are ideal for this "home office" use and pick up sound that's closer to them unless you crank the incoming (gain) volume up. They are also easier to place and use, some of these are just a matter of plugging into a suitable input port on your soundcard. They do benefit greatly from an extra piece of equipment that handles amplification, compression, noise-reduction externally though. Handling noise is a thing that is horrid the lower you go in the price-range and they do better if they're up in a mic stand (get the second cheapest with a boom-arm).

TL;DR people need to stop buying the overpriced overhyped Blue Snowball-Etc condenser mics. It's the Beats By Dre of the home-user mic world but less "50 cents of components, $199.50 of markup" to it, it does its job and I can only recommend them if they are the only accessible solution. I'd swear journalists, streamers and IT types had stock in the company with how it's mercilessly blagged and recommended.

(Disclaimer: I use a $440+ RRP dynamic microphone and it's worth every penny, a $dearlord RRP digital mixer that does everything, a $500+ RRP racked mic-amp compressor combo from Focusrite. I got the mic for $30 on a studio sale, $100 for the mixer, $80 for the mic-amp. Screw buying new equipment when it's non-planned obsolescence manufacture.)

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Warranty is the thing. Consumer protection is pretty sad over where you're at, standard by law in the EU is two years so if I have to make a third PS4 RMA since launch I'll be covered.

The BR drive issue is a real deal that sounds like every unit is bound to get, some get better by the screw, some by having the eject rubber removed but some simply eject eternally while the lucky ones are waiting. How much would Sony want to fix the problem without warranty? I remember Nintendo asked 1500 SEK for a receipt-less WiiConnect24 Wii fix (3700 SEK is the price of a new PS4, forgot what the Wii cost), surely Sony won't ask the price of a new unit?

(Microsoft seemingly ask full retail for an Xbox One past warranty, read someone's horrible tale of their support post-warranty on neogaf, ouch)