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So many people have said what I wanted to say about rather hearing wrestling than Dota 2 or Destiny talk, that makes me very happy. I care more about dumb out of place wrestling talk than Dota 2 or Destiny talk, though Dota 2 business has been pretty quiet for a while as has Destiny chatter after the final GOTY podcast came to a sad deranged end.

Without the wrestling talk there'd be less laughs and shits and giggles and shorter podcasts, things would be a bit more on topic, but you know what? Nothing shines as much as men partaking in their passion, be it talking about wrestling with somebody just as into it or something else, I can hear the feelgood and happiness even though Grumpy/Sleepy Dwarf drifts off moaning thinking about Dota or Destiny in reaction to it at times.

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No matter how deeply I study every single piece of media, play impression, PR from it, I cannot bring myself to pre-order it even though I can very well afford to.

..yet I have a bajillion Japanese-developed games already ordered, isn't that weird, while the above goes for western developed games.

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@fredchuckdave: giant tophat as a remodelled Chaos Eater horror-bucket from Lost Izalith, yes!

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FemShep is Jennifer Hale voicing a buff manly dudebro brodude who happens to have ladyparts, ladylooks and slightly different romance options. That's why I stuck with OG Shep.

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No. It's not the games, it's the suits, the rich white male execs in the western world who make decisions of the projects. I liked that the lead of Remember Me was a woman, but of all publishers only Square-Enix were okay with it. How many cool female leads have we missed out on that way? Avatar's Korra was almost changed to become a man or get scrapped but focus group feedback indicated that even young boys were fine and thought she was cool, so they became convinced, financed the project and it became a great success that actually went down in history.

And who wouldn't be okay with female enemies in Uncharted 4? it's no longer limited to 256+256 megs of memory so it's perfectly possible, but media and sad people on the internet definitely wouldn't so it's not going to happen unless it's a boss at best. Would you be okay with beating up evil-doing females? I would, I'd even be okay having dogs for enemies in games but I'd hate to see the impotent rage the internet would ensue in, "Here's Drake making a comment after he snaps a woman's neck, ignore the fact that she just tried to blow him and his brother up".

If western gaming development changes to cut the dudebro brodude lead fetish out before I get my other foot in the grave I will be very surprised, it's not something I expect to happen. Until then I'm going to play my Japanese developed console games because even though the difference in society and culture hits hard and heavy it is a pleasure to have female characters being other things than dolls you can eventually have poorly written poorly directed sad loner WRPG sex with or decoration. I'm waiting for Omega Quintet (soon localized for PS4), an all-girl idol band fighting alien invaders through singing and dancing together and it has a combat system that beats everything I've played in the last three years of RPGs.

(Dlsclaimer: Yakuza 0 is a series of wtfffff with women that puts me off of it and creepy Vita games like Monster Monpiece get you on the FBI watchlist, and voting with your vallet doesn't work. Eight year olds and younger are bought GTA5 and worse by their parents.)

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It looks set to continue the one boss per major area idea out of Demon's Souls to me, so my answer is enough of them. And then the labyrinth which just has to feature a bunch of unique bosses scrapped from the ordinary game.

Speaking of difficulty, bosses being hard; The network test alpha boss made people give up and stop playing, I saw so many call it the hardest they'd ever fought (the hell?). I was never able to figure out how to stagger it and shoot its weak point for a quick easy takedown, I was only ever able to defeat it in honourable battle even when not overflowing with healing items, so I found it an easy kill after the six hours we had total in those test sessions though my adrenaline would always get pumping hard, great encounter that will only get better once gone gold and framerates have been stabilized.

If those three sessions are to be judged, you'll have a merry old time with Bloodborne if you're able to figure things out and adapt, see patterns, and also cut your bad habit of using target-locked camera. If you cannot do jack without locking onto targets, if you're into brute-force tactics rather than becoming a master of what you've got, you're going to have a very hard frustrating time. It's an evolution of the Souls games.

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@onarum said:

It was obviously meant to be a "technical showcase" for the ps4, too bad the hardware can't possible handle it so they had to implement forced letterboxing and 30 FPS lock for that "cinematic feel", I'll be surprised if it can hold 30 FPS at all...

A developer mentioned that if they do away with that and render every last pixel of 1920x1080p they have to cut the AA from x4 MSAA to x1 MSAA. As for the framerate, as long as they make those 30fps move and flow better than GTA5 current-gen it'll be more than fine. GTA5 does 30fps the worst of all 30fps games on the PS4 even when there are no framedrops going on, I believe Jeff mentioned it was eye-strain/eye-murder to look at when other open-world games make the world move around the player so much better, even last-gen GTA5 did it.

Can't see myself dropping more than $30 on a used copy of 1886, but I could have seen myself dropping $40 tops on a new copy of Titanfall at launch. Not having a demo hurts it.

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Employer/Recruiter stuff in the real world outside of this:

Over here in Sweden, someone's name still matters in bring hired or not. One time I fell in the bathroom and felt that one of the family jewels needed a checkup just in case, so I hit up the doctors the morning after because goddamn. The name of the doctor on hand to check things up was a name that you would think belonged to an ancient old little lady from forever ago, firstname and lastname. Turns out it was a late 20s female doctor from Iran who had lived here for a few years and picked up more than enough Swedish to get around with, nothing worked so she changed her name and suddenly she was was called for interviews. (My name has umlauts so interviews are guaranteed).

If you want to be a female fire-fighter you need to perform equal to the men, as nice as it is to ensure gender or pigmentation will have no speaking in someones recruitment or paycheck, it's not wise to ignore qualifications and experience when it's needed for the work, and boy does it show you how shite things are if you're not white and male with rich successful parents (going by my own country). Over here there are still people who blindly insist that every other spot in every single job needs to belong to a woman. People need to think more.

The potential new hire for GBEast: There is a chance in the universe that it could be a female that gets hired, even though the number of women in the field who also are available for new work on that location matching the requirements is absolutely tiny. There will be impotent rage on the internet if a man is hired, there is no getting around it. That's how people are. GB is a single digit set of staffers, they're lucky to be so diverse that they have people from the east, west, south and even the central of the US; look at other similarly large setups that had the same start. Now look at sites covering games and IT with 100+ crew on deck. If you want to be mad, be mad at the parents who still have the "DOLLS AND PINK THINGS FOR GIRLS ONLY, NOTHING TECHNICAL OR MANLY" kind of attitude, for they are still around.

People again need to think more, instead of spending their time throwing hate and death-threats around. They could go out and help making the future a little bit brighter and diverse. Just don't do the inane diversity act that Intel just did

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For quite a while at many retailers you'd get 4-7 games bundled at the $350 (or country-equivalent) price, as well as many "choose a free game" options that made the per-console game sales rise for the NPD lists like with Destiny. If Sony drop the price they'll do it at E3 after talking about how great of a success it has been, but you know what?

The Xbox One still only sells in the US and the UK. Mindblowing. We get European numbers every week, no information if they're going to arrange for a new price-drop here as well unless it rolls out once our office hours begin. Right from the start MS aimed hard for the US market and they're doing a good job at it, it's gross the US counts as the world for so many but enjoy it, those of you who don't feel the need for Japanese games like me, those of you yet unfazed by broken busted janky-ass western games rarely worth their $60 ever.

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You know what was censored in the 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale for the UK? A tiny clip where a big fat rope of a whip could by perverted minds have been thought of as a penis being slung over the shoulder of a person.

What the fuck is it with English speaking countries.