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It's pretty safe to say there will be weekly premium material with at least one of the two starting soon, personally I think there's a chance of an ER-like thing to break them in with, once they've settled in and a new major schedule has been planned (game releases, events, etc).

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For Atlas, etc: It's very simple, the new hires are male and white. They decided to go for the most experienced suitable hires rather than anything less, something that happens when you are a tiny tiny company with limits and you cannot afford to lose prospective hires and the immense experience and abilities they carry with them. It's logic, it's survival, it's what makes sense. Build, grow, then you can get choosy. For GB, it makes perfect sense.

Yet this happens. Dan and Jason have been insulted hard now for being males born and raised as males, I wish that was a joke. GB and those involved in their hirings have been insulted even harder and called enough things that no doubt mailboxes of rights organizations have been filled and asked to take action against GB and its staffers.

Sam throwing the comment on twitter people got most up in flames and attacking about should have been given a break though. It's like how some forms of aspergers provide something like a "tick" when the person says the worst things to someone, when normally it would barely have been a thought in the subconscious. Worked with two people suffering from that, took a while to get used to it, and Sam on twitter is clearly not doing well in the head. Neither is the even more special person who put words in the mouth of the man who dared ask the right question.

Bring on PowerBombcast please! Looking forward to it

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It's less of an issue if you live in like one out of three states that care more about consumers than the others and let you actually cancel it online or via phone :(

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Hatsune Miku is a decent person.

Bieber is a Canadian.


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The only innovation FPS games can get on now would come from leaving shooting gallery corridor design and taking control away from the player dramatic slow-motion hand-extending moments behind. Congrats on the GOTY awards Destiny, well earned.

Shame they were too thick to figure out what was fun about Bad Company 1 and 2 and scrapped the future of that franchise.

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I lost interest because the maps are dicks, flying on the tank maps shoves AAA dicks in your face, tanks going live ruined Realistic Battles because I mainly fly US in it and 9/10 maps are Hokkaido against the brits, etc :<

Once the US tanks get in it'll be a good time to return.

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With experience of both (less than ten hours total on the Xbone over this month) the PS4 still has a higher Quality of Life with regards to multiplayer functionality, systems and titles especially if you care about quality indies, downloadables and F2P games. You could get a PS4 and call it a day with the F2p offerings, War Thunder, Warframe, DC Universe Online, Blacklight Retribution , the ones it launched with (WT was EU only at the time) and the soon done localizing and very playable with great combat for an MMORPG Onigiri, the 1080p60 confirmed PlanetSide 2, and the games they announce several of every week.

This is overkill now that I've written all that. I hope the Xbone shapes up and drops some of the fine print the developers don't like.

Cross game chat is in and if you like Halo like I got tempted to buy my own Xbone for the sake of the collection of, try to get some time with Destiny, that shit is Halo for the new age without being stuck to the old standards set by the franchise in many a good way.

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Dark Souls does this with Sif in a way you only see if you let the pre-fight cinematics run, it's just a tiny thing but it means a lot to us who like the (often unwritten unspoken) story in our games.

Standard boss: Oh it's a big dog who evidently doesn't like my smell, guarding something useful, sorry puppy, I gotta advance in the game!

If you do the DLC before the encounter: I cannot see the screen because my face is covered in tears that I cannot stop pouring out of my tear ducts and my heart also hurts like a mutha, Bambi's mom be damned.

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Delta patching. This is what exists on all consoles but the Xbox One and maybe the WiiU. This is why the PS4 version day one patch was 454 megabytes, that is the data that was changed. 16 gigs are the large package files that had something modified in them. That is one part of the excuse, the other is that the game really didn't go gold until after the masters has been sent off.

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There is the strong and terrible rumour that they have moved to focus on the Xbox One version as the one the others will draw from, because they are partnered up with Microsoft now. Really, safe to say it is if there's visual parity of the kind making it clear that the game is underperforming and not looking as good as it could on PS4 and PC it makes evidence of the ugliest parity clause being a thing. Like a certain Dogs game and most recently UFC.

Don't be dicks, Microsoft.